Unify. Clarify. Simplify. Manage Your Entire Ediscovery Portfolio.

Monday, November 18, 2013 by Thought Leadership Team

Since ediscovery began, data has been collected, reviewed and produced individually, disconnected from any other ediscovery projects. Ironically, many ediscovery projects would benefit from leveraging other projects’ work and data collection. But when it comes to vetting the viability of emerging IT-Law solutions that promise to cut through the clutter, sometimes showing is better than telling. Check out the video clip below to see our friend Josh Gilliland’s (the legal mind behind bowtielaw.com) first impression of Ediscovery.com Manage:

Beyond proving that distance never stands in the way of two lawyers who want to geek out about ediscovery, the clip offers a great crash course into exactly what can be gained by a adopting a new, holistic approach to managing your entire ediscovery portfolio. Ediscovery.com Manage offers:

  • Transparency into the entire ediscovery portfolio—Ediscovery.com Manage provides full insight into granular project details like project and custodian data volumes
  • Real-time financials— organizations can explore, compare, and contrast ediscovery spend data across all cases in their portfolios
  • Structured and efficient collaboration—leveraging the power of social media, Ediscovery.com Manage centralizes all case communication in one project wall, providing instant access to project status and developments for the entire team

For a deeper dive into multi-matter management, see the ESI Report’s latest podcast, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Effectively Managing E-Discovery Portfolios.” Also, check out this Ediscovery Manage Demo to see just how transparent ediscovery can be.