Your document review could not be in better hands.

KLDiscovery’s advanced review services solution combines the logistics of managing a review workflow with the technology that makes the process faster and less costly.

Experienced Review Teams

As more and more data is stored electronically, document review teams need smarter ways to review documents.

KLDiscovery’s managed document review services teams provide you with specialized document review attorneys to meet your individual case needs.

Innovative Technology

We work with you to choose the best technology for your case and use it in the most effective way.

KLDiscovery team members have used advanced document review technologies, including predictive coding, in hundreds of matters and are well-equipped to use Nebula AI and Relativity Analytics®.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Quality is our focus. A targeted approach to quality control means we can intelligently manage your review so nothing slips through the cracks.

KLDiscovery Managed Document Review facility.

Solution at a Glance

Regardless of the practice area, language, volume of documents, or timeline, KLDiscovery can help support your document review every step of the way.

We leverage our extensive eDiscovery project management experience, technological excellence and global presence to provide you with a secure, seamless and cost- effective document review solution.

Experienced and productive review teams.

Throughout the life of your matter, we listen to your discovery goals and work together to plan how to achieve them, from proposing workflows to using technology and planning production. Because we are able to manage all aspects of the review, we can ensure the highest level of competence for every professional involved with your case. We leverage our extensive project management experience and combine it with technological excellence to provide you with secure, seamless and cost-effective document review services.

An added focus on quality.

As more and more data is stored electronically, eDiscovery teams need smarter ways to review documents. KLDiscovery’s document review services teams provide you with specialized document review attorneys to meet your case needs. We assemble review teams of experienced legal professionals for any type of case. Each team member is a qualified attorney who has passed a selective screening process and has received training from KLDiscovery review managers to ensure the most efficient and defensible review of your documents. We also provide document review managers with extensive project management experience to oversee the entire review process. These managers are trained to serve as an extension of your legal team, working with you as integrated partners.

Our Promise

KLDiscovery provides all the document review services you need. Regardless of language, volume of documents or timeline, we can help guide your review process every step of the way.

Processes that bring peace of mind.

Our sophisticated managed review service workflows and protocols include:

  • Providing strategic guidance on technology selection and usage, proposed workflows and categories;
  • Assisting with drafting and editing project guidance materials;
  • Providing highly-qualified lawyers experienced in document review;
  • Closely supervising the performance of the review team;
  • Numerous security and compliance procedures are in place to ensure that our remote-based offering meets the high standards and requirements of our clients;
  • Facilitating communications between the review team and the client to ensure that substantive questions are addressed and filtered back to the reviewers;
  • Training the review team on document review protocols and the most effective use of technologies employed in the project;
  • Conducting first-pass relevance review, privilege review and quality-control checking prior to production; and
  • Tracking productivity and providing progress reports.

Key Features

Document review is one of the most complex and expensive components of legal discovery. At KLDiscovery, our industry experts have developed advanced document review processes and tools to deliver defensible results under budget.


State-of-the-art Facilities

KLDiscovery document review facilities were built explicitly to bring unmatched speed, comfort and productivity to every document review project. When you come to one of our review facilities, you can enjoy a private office designed especially for visiting counsel to work onsite or utilize a conference room fitted with A/V equipment.


Subject Matter Versatility

We handle document reviews for nearly every situation. Whether you are undergoing a government investigation or high stakes litigation, KLDiscovery has your back.


Platform Agnostic

We work with you to choose the best technology for your case and use it in the most effective way, taking into account your goals, budget, and timeline. Our review attorneys are experienced using all KLDiscovery review tools and technologies, including Relativity and Nebula. We can even assist with reviews hosted on 3rd party applications.


Predictive Coding

Building on top of our award-winning, patented predictive coding application, our document review teams possess expert working knowledge of TAR workflows and can help legal teams take full advantage of this amazing technology.


Multilingual Capabilities

KLDiscovery has conducted reviews in over 30 languages, all across the globe. With a deep bench of reviewers fluent in multiple languages, we can assist with review from almost any origin.


Quality Control

Review managers utilize proven methodologies to target and address quality issues early and often. Having a targeted approach to quality control means we can intelligently prioritize the documents that need to be reviewed more closely. Review managers are able to glean insights into productivity and quality using our technology to deliver a higher quality production.


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