A Comprehensive Approach to eDiscovery and Information Governance

Nebula Ecosystem

The KLDiscovery Nebula Ecosystem is purpose-built to manage enterprise data while offering a fully-integrated and seamless experience, and all backed by KLDiscovery’s 24/7/365 ‘white glove’ customer service.

Discover what the Nebula Ecosystem has to offer:


Powerful End-to-End eDiscovery

Nebula® is loaded with workflow accelerators and allows full control of your data through document review and production.

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Nebula Archive

Enterprise-grade Information Governance

Nebula Archive™ is a next-generation, scalable storage solution with economics that rival back-up tape.

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Nebula Legal Hold

Legal Hold

A full featured solution, Nebula Legal Hold™ makes it easy to manage multiple holds across any number of matters and custodians.

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The Nebula Ecosystem was created to solve the most complex data challenges faced by legal, compliance, and IT professionals.

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Solution at a Glance


The Nebula Ecosystem is a market-leading enterprise data management platform backed by our 24/7/365 ‘white glove’ customer service.

Powerful End-to-End eDiscovery

Nebula® is loaded with workflow accelerators and allows full control of your data through document review and production. A powerful combination of capability and simplicity, our proprietary solution brings a fresh perspective to established technology with improved flexibility and control.

Nebula offers multiple delivery options to meet any need, including:

  • Global availability within Nebula Cloud regions
  • ISO/IEC 27001-certified Nebula data centers
  • Behind your firewall with Nebula Enterprise™ appliance solution

Enterprise-grade Information Governance

Nebula Archive™ is a next-generation archiving solution designed to address modern data management needs at scale. This offering is ideally suited to solve enterprise problems stemming from burgeoning data volumes, fragmented application landscapes and increasing business, regulatory and legal demands.

Retention policies, defensible deletion, and preservation controls are built-in, allowing organizations to capture and manage important data without the risk of keeping redundant, outdated or trivial data.

Comprehensive Legal Hold

Nebula Legal Hold™ makes it easy to manage multiple holds across any number of matters and custodians.

Designed to be simple, intuitive, and efficient, Nebula Legal Hold’s wizard-based workflow and communication templates make generating legal hold notices, sending automated reminders, and tracking responses quick and easy.

From archiving and legal hold to eDiscovery, the Nebula Ecosystem provides a single, end-to-end solution for enterprise data management.

eDiscovery Enhanced

Powerful tools take your Nebula experience to the next level.

Nebula Workflow
Total control over all document batching with a dynamic Nebula Workflow system. Nebula Workflow also fully automates document routing and distribution to streamline document review and maximize efficiency, accuracy and defensibility.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Powerful language-based AI enables users to gain insights into data sets in ways never before available. Visually locate and search for documents pertaining to named entities, such as locations, events, and important people. Filter for documents containing critical language by analyzing the sentiment of the author.

Nebula Spreadsheet Redaction
Allows reviewers to redact content from within Excel files without the need to convert to TIFF images. Options for redactions include removal of cells, rows, columns, worksheets, formulas, images, and more. Pristine copies of the original file are always maintained.

Nebula AutoRedact
Protect sensitive information and streamline the redaction process with an automated approach. Greatly reduce the burden of redacting documents by automatically finding and redacting personally identifiable information, privileged content and other sensitive information.

Email Threading
Group messages within an email chain to identify the most comprehensive versions of emails and navigate conversations more intuitively than in traditional review workflows.

Language Identification
Support multi-lingual data and increase review efficiency by automatically identifying the primary language on all documents in your data set.

Predictive Coding
Award-winning, patented technology that combines machine learning with human expertise to drive results. Nebula Predictive Coding supports common workflow strategies (“Prioritized/CAL/ TAR2.0”, Hybrid approaches) and integrates seamlessly with the reviewer experience in our hosted platforms.

Workflow Reporting Suite
Provides dynamic, on-demand information on the progress, productivity, and tagging trends for document review projects run within the Workflow system.

Nebula A/V
Nebula A/V simplifies the review of multimedia files by visualizing audio files and offering total playback control. Easily redact and produce audio files.

Automatically group textually-similar documents together, allowing for faster review of large amounts of records.

Machine Translation
Leverage advanced AI-based machine translation technology to get accurate and reliable translations of documents written in most languages used across the globe. A fast and cost-saving alternative to human multi-lingual review.


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