KLDiscovery’s Advisory Services group is comprised of seasoned specialists with decades of experience as industry pioneers, experts and contributors in eDiscovery and information governance.

As organizations manage increasingly complex data ecosystems, our team is available to provide professional guidance.

KLDiscovery Advisory Team working.

Office 365 health check image.

Office 365 Health Check

A targeted assessment of a client's usage of Security and Compliance Center, focusing on performance against established baselines in five key areas:

  • Retention & Disposition Best Practices
  • Defensibility -Preservation
  • Defensibility -eDiscovery Process
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • O365 Best Practices

Clients receive a report detailing findings and recommendations.

Discovery Readiness and Response Services

eDiscovery Expert Witness

Benefit from the decades of experience our specialists have opining on the record in legal proceedings.


Advisory Services experts coordinate with stakeholders to identify preservation obligations and provide a roadmap for subsequent collection efforts.

Preservation and Collection Strategy

Engaging with in-house and outside counsel to develop a defensible and cost-effective preservation and collection strategy.

Legal Hold

Help planning and implementing your legal hold system migration and maximizing benefit from the new system.

Information Governance Services

O365 Health

The Office 365 tenant is reviewed for a host of potential pitfalls, including deprecated features, sub-optimal export settings, retention and disposition policy gaps, and possible legal hold issues.

Legal Hold Process Improvement

Identifying opportunities to enhance existing processes of your organization’s legal hold obligations.

Data Privacy Services

Privacy Compliance Assessment

Assessing your organization’s technological architecture, data flows, and governance practices in the context of GDPR, CCPA or other privacy regulations.

Data Breach Risk Mitigation

KLDiscovery’s Advisory Services experts scan the client’s IT environment to flag high-risk information and develop a mitigation strategy.

Solution at a Glance

For more than 30 years, KLDiscovery’s service-enabled bespoke technology and software have helped law firms, corporations, and government agencies solve complex data challenges through all stages of the data management, recovery, information governance, and discovery spectrum. We support our clients through both strategic consulting and tactical matter-specific collaboration. These services range from proactive program assessment and development to forensic investigation, data collection, early case/data assessment, managed review, and production.

Our experts provide unique perspectives and insights derived from decades of experience at the intersection of law and technology. Combining extensive legal and regulatory knowledge, deep technical expertise, and real-world experience working collaboratively with clients across dozens of verticals, the KLDiscovery Advisory Services team is equipped to partner with your organization to address any data-related challenges.

Whether we are engaged at the outset or mid-stream, our approach is one of consultative collaboration to ensure the right resources are considered and deployed.

KLDiscovery solves challenges each and every day related to:

  • Data proliferation
  • Rapidly evolving technology
  • Increasingly complex regulatory and legal environments
  • The relentless onslaught of cyber attacks
  • Demanding and costly discovery challenges

Success Stories

  • Top Private Equity Firm
    Designed and documented the process to implement a data destruction policy for regulatory review, eliminating significant risk exposure.
  • Major Global Travel Brand
    Performed gap analysis and provided compliance recommendations for GDPR and CCPA readiness, addressing all aspects of data estate and governance.
  • International Auto Manufacturer
    Provided expert testimony in defense of spoliation claims involving Microsoft 365.
  • Top Global Consultancy
    Successfully designed, implemented, and documented preservation strategy for the court related to a high-profile lawsuit.
  • Global Beverage Company
    Migrated legal holds to Microsoft 365, implemented new legal hold procedures, saving tens of thousands in annual subscription fees.
  • For-Profit Education and Training Company
    Migrated and created a preservation repository for more than 115,000 mailboxes.
  • Large National Mortgage Processor
    Successfully managed and facilitated the remediation, extraction, and delivery of data for multiple national and global financial institutions.

Our Advisory Services team enables you to benefit from the extensive experience and unique knowledge we have gained supporting our clients through the most complex legal, regulatory, and technology challenges. KLDiscovery’s areas of expertise include:

  • Information Governance
    • Data Recovery and Migration Support
    • Data Privacy Compliance
  • Discovery Program Assessment and Development
  • Microsoft 365 Adoption and Governance
  • Legal Hold Management
  • ESI Liaison & Consulting
    • End-to-End Discovery Process Advising and Management
    • Data Preservation and Collection Strategy
    • Custodian Interviews and Support
    • Structured Data Analysis o Predictive Coding and Analytics
    • Search Term Analysis & Development
    • Expert Testimony and 30(b)(6) Witness Preparation
  • Digital Forensics o Data Authentication and Spoliation Analysis
    • IP Theft and Data Remediation
    • Regulatory or Enforcement Inquiry Support
  • Cyber Incident Response
  • Data Breach and Ransomware Support 

You can leverage the proficiency of the KLDiscovery Advisory Services team to solve an array of data management and discovery needs:

Consulting Services

Our experts offer consulting support in all aspects of eDiscovery including data breaches, legacy data migration, Microsoft 365, second requests, and cross-border litigation.

Meet & Confer Consulting

Strategic consulting to help define project scope and establish production requirements for eDiscovery engagements.

Information Governance

Data archiving, enterprise solutions, and consulting services to empower organizations to better manage their data and be prepared for data events and challenges.

Cybersecurity & Incident Response

KLDiscovery has developed strategic partnerships with corporations, insurance carriers, and law firms to provide data analysis and recovery solutions in response to cybersecurity incidents. When engaged with KLDiscovery, outside counsel and supporting experts can quickly demonstrate, through our proficiency, to courts, regulators, and customers that you have taken fast action to recover from an incident. KLDiscovery is a world-class service provider. Our technology supervises the process independently and creates the required supporting documentation to validate the integrity and maintenance of the data.

Data Processing, Database Hosting & Production

Proprietary data processing technology integrated directly with Relativity and Nebula®. KLDiscovery can also deploy mobile technology to address remote or onsite eDiscovery processing and hosting requirements. Our innovative infrastructure is ISO 27001 certified and operates in our state-of-the-art server configuration. In addition, KLDiscovery’s infrastructure offers industry-leading redundancy to minimize risk and optimize data preservation. With our scalability and flexibility, we can meet the most challenging document production requirements.

Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

KLDiscovery developed innovative proprietary review technologies including our patented Nebula Workflow and Predictive Coding solution. We also developed optimized Relativity and Nebula environments, including additional proprietary features such as Nebula AutoRedact, Nebula A/V, Natural Language Processing, PrivLog Builder®, and Nebula Spreadsheet Redaction.

Managed Document Review

We offer managed document review services globally and have managed some of the industry’s largest document reviews. Additionally, KLDiscovery augmented this offering with our remote review program in response to Covid-19.

Computer Forensic Services

Our global collection experts leverage industry-leading proprietary remote collection capabilities and global collection experts to ensure forensic best practices are followed during data collection and forensic analysis. KLDiscovery also offers forensic consulting and expert witness testimony.

Data Recovery

We offer data recovery for businesses. With over 30 years of experience, the world’s largest R&D team, and proprietary tools, our expert engineers provide the best chance at recovering your data.


KLDiscovery is here to help you to leverage our knowledge and expertise to help your organization succeed at data-related initiatives. Contact KLDiscovery’s Advisory Service group today.