Streamline the Management of Your Contracts

Contract lifecycle management (CLM) provides visibility into all stages of the contract lifespan from initiation to renewal or expiration. Delivering strategic value, CLM empowers your organization to unearth new business opportunities, avoid missed milestones, and measure contract performance in real time.

From contractual consulting and CLM implementation to migration and compliance, leverage our expertise and technology to optimize contract management.


Managed Contract Extraction

Save Time and Money

Migrate siloed contracts into CLM software to enhance productivity, collaboration, and efficiency.

Gain Transparency

Get real-time insights on contract performance, obligations, and compliance to make evidence-based decisions.


Mitigate Risk

Foresee potential risk and implement a plan to mitigate impending challenges.

CLM Consulting & Implementation

We partner with your organization to gain a clear understanding of your organization’s current contracting approach, challenges, and goals. After conducting a thorough analysis of your needs, we develop a project scope, budget, and customized CLM implementation plan, walking you through every step of the process.

  • Evaluate contract workflow efficiency
  • Identify gaps between strategy and execution
  • Build a scalable contracting system that works for your organization

Contract Migration

Whether you need to migrate siloed contracts into your CLM or move contracts from digital archives and physical storage units, we have you covered with 24/7/365 support, quality checks at every level, and uncompromised data security.

  • Determine where contracts reside
  • Assimilate and convert contracts into machine-readable form via optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Leverage deduplication to remove redundant files


CLM Management

Trust our expertise to manage your CLM software and benefit from optimized workflows and increased efficiency.

  • Uninterrupted daily operations
  • Dedicated teams focus on strategic tasks while the system goes live
  • Ongoing support keeps your CLM optimized and up-to-date

Contract Compliance

Never miss complying with contract mandates and protect your reputation. Mitigate financial, legal, supply chain, and regulatory risks with a trusted CLM partner.

  • Improve customer and partner management
  • Remain compliant with region-specific legal and regulatory mandates
  • Complete due diligence reviews, risk identification, and summarization in line with defined norms and SLAs

Why Choose Us

  • Experienced CLM Practitioners
  • Proven Methodology
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 Certified to Provide Uncompromising Data Security


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