Employee Spotlight - Ashley Sullivan

Heading up one of our newest departments, Ashley Sullivan leads our Client Service Operations (CSOps) team. Her "get it done" mentality has allowed this new group to make tremendous strides in leveraging information sharing technology as they continue to build and standardize our global organization.

KLD Employee Spotlight: Henry Cyr

Here at KLD, our Operation departments take great pride in preparing, processing and producing electronic data for our clients across the globe. Henry Cyr, VP of Global eDiscovery Operations, leads the way to ensure the product is delivered to our clients with the highest level of quality and in an efficient manner.

Journey to 1200 Episode 3

Almost 900 calls later, hear some of the unique employee questions and memorable moments from KLDiscovery's CEO, Chris Weiler. 

KLD Employee Spotlight: Lindsey Hammond

The Human Resources department is a vital part of the success for any company, and KLD is no different. Meet Lindsey Hammond, our Director of Global Talent Partnership to see what drives her and her team to make this company a better and more successful place.

KLD Employee Spotlight: Dustin Allen

In this industry, cutting edge IT and technology are critical. Learn how Dustin Allen, KLDiscovery's Vice President of Global IT, balances multiple demands to keep our operations running smoothly.

KLD Employee Spotlight: Sandy Gensmer

For May's employee spotlight, hear how Sandy Gensmer, Director of the Custom Development Group at KLDiscovery, found the perfect combination of law and technology in her career.

Journey to 1200 Episode 2

CEO Chris Weiler returns with an update on his plan to call every team member at KLDiscovery. Whether it's communication, culture or commute - there has been a lot of productive dialogue over the last 8 months.

KLD Employee Spotlight: Dan Rubin

Headlining our April KLD Employee Spotlight: Dan Rubin KLD Employee Spotlight is a former client-turned-employee. Introducing Dan Rubin, our Director of Project Management!

KLD Employee Spotlight: Joe Palosky

Throughout 2019, KLD will be highlighting some of the many team members that make KLDiscovery tick. Meet Joe Palosky, our Director of eDiscovery Services who has been with the company for 12 years.

Journey to 1200 Episode 1

What started as an open door policy became a journey to call each and every employee at KLDiscovery - all 1,200 of them. Join our CEO Chris Weiler as we document his journey to learn how his employees think, how they feel, how he can help them, and ultimately how all of this will impact our clients.

KLD Employee Spotlight: Dan Cilman

Throughout 2019, KLD will be highlighting some of the many team members that make KLDiscovery tick. Meet Dan Cilman, our Senior Director of Data Management who has been with the company since 2006!

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