The next evolution in eDiscovery on your terms.

A powerful combination of capability and simplicity, Nebula® brings a fresh perspective to established technology with improved flexibility and control.

Designed with the user experience in mind.

Offering a more modern and user-friendly approach than other review tools that can be overwhelming to administer and navigate, Nebula minimizes the learning curve while ensuring critical information is easily accessible and readily available. This translates into time and cost savings across the board.

Multiple delivery options available to meet any need.

We heard our clients loud and clear: You want choice.

Providing ultimate optionality for our customers, Nebula can be deployed:


In the Cloud

Anywhere in the world via the Microsoft Azure platform

Our Data Center

On-premise in our ISO 27001-certified data centers


Your Data Center

Nebula Enterprise™ rack-mounted hardware solution



Everywhere Else

Go on location with Nebula Portable™ - no data center required.


Data where you need it.

Nebula can be hosted within the Microsoft Azure cloud or behind an organization’s firewall with Nebula Portable™, allowing it to be offered virtually anywhere in the world to accommodate increasingly demanding data privacy and sovereignty regulations.

Alternatively, Nebula can be hosted in KLDiscovery’s state-of-the-art ISO 27001-certified data centers that are designed to provide the highest levels of performance, data protection and fault tolerance.

Discover Nebula Portable™

Powerful tools take your experience to the next level.



Total control over all document batching with dynamic Workflow system available only in Nebula. Workflow also fully automates document routing and distribution to streamline document review and maximize efficiency, accuracy and defensibility.


Predictive Coding & Advanced Text Analytics

Our award-winning, patented technology, KLD Analytics™, provides best-in-class solutions for Technology Assisted Review (TAR) with relational analysis of unstructured data, including Email Threading & Near-Duplicate Detection. KLD Predictive Coding utilizes true machine learning and supports all workflow strategies including Prioritized Review ("CAL", "TAR 1.0/2.0", etc.).


Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Powerful language-based AI enables users to gain insights into data sets in ways never before available. Visually locate and search for documents pertaining to named entities, such as locations, events, and important people. Filter for documents containing critical language by analyzing the sentiment of the author.


Workflow Reporting Suite

Provides dynamic, on-demand information on the progress, productivity, and tagging trends for document review projects run within the Nebula Workflow system.


Native Spreadsheet Redaction

Allows reviewers to redact content from within Excel files without the need to convert to TIFF images. Options for redactions include removal of rows, columns, worksheets, formulas, cells and standard text redactions. Pristine copies of the original file are always maintained.


A/V Suite

Winner of the 2016 Relativity Innovation Award for Best Service Provider Solution and People’s Choice, A/V Suite simplifies the review of multimedia files. Visualize audio files and have total playback control. Easily redact and produce audio files – something no other review platform can provide.



Protect sensitive information and streamline the redaction process with an automated approach. Greatly reduce the burden of redacting documents by automatically finding and redacting personally identifiable information, privileged content and other sensitive information.

More Than eDiscovery

Nebula Big Data™ extends the power of Nebula to managing enterprise data outside the ediscovery context for Information Governance, regulatory compliance, ransomware defense, and more.

Explore Nebula Big Data


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