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Through our global KLDiscovery and Ontrack businesses, we deliver integrated, best-in-class eDiscovery and data recovery technologies and services to support litigation, investigation, compliance, and recovery from data loss. 

Nebula is an end-to-end eDiscovery solution that facilitates smarter ways to cull, process, review, and manage documents while creating substantial time and cost savings. Now available in the cloud, Nebula gives you all the versatility you need.

The Nebula Ecosystem is an end-to-end solution for enterprise data management backed by our 24/7/365 support. A powerful eDiscovery and information governance platform, the Nebula Ecosystem empowers you with workflow accelerators, improved flexibility, and full control of your data through document review and production.

KLDiscovery is committed to delivering the best Relativity experience in the industry. Our technologists have created new eDiscovery workflows through the integration of exclusive applications that help you do more with Relativity.

KLDiscovery offers a full range of technology-assisted review tools combined with a deep bench of expertise to help you get the most out of your solution. Developed through collaboration of our data scientists, software engineers, and legal professionals, Nebula AI is the most advanced toolkit on the market.

Ediscovery experts who understand that every dollar you spend on eDiscovery should bring value to your organization. We design managed services solutions that provide the support and skills you need to focus on your key priorities.

Focusing on the logistics of your case, so you can keep your attention on the matter at hand. Our ability to provide end-to-end eDiscovery services allows us to simplify the review process and offer you a seamless experience at a reasonable price.

Suppose that at least once a day you had to comb your organization for all the personal data related to a specific person and delete it. Would you know where to look?

Digital forensics is in our DNA and is a particular specialty of KLDiscovery. For many of our experts, it has been their life-long passion and it shows in their work. Our team, equipped with state-of-the-art tools and attuned to the latest technical and legal developments, guarantee that our clients will receive the best service available.

Nebula Archive is a next-generation archiving solution designed to address modern enterprise data management needs at scale. Retention policies, defensible deletion, and preservation controls are built-in, allowing organizations to capture and manage important data without the risk of keeping redundant, outdated, or trivial data.

Nebula puts partners in control with a comprehensive platform covering everything from identification and preservation to production. A powerful combination of capability and simplicity.

In today’s world, business intelligence is more critical than ever.  Clients require immediate and on-demand accessibility to important case information and KLD’s Client Portal answers the call.

For more than 30 years, KLDiscovery’s service-enabled bespoke technology and software have helped law firms, corporations, government agencies, and consumers solve complex data challenges through all stages of the data management, recovery, and discovery spectrum.

We’re utilizing a suite of proprietary recovery tools and the most experienced data recovery engineering team in the world, our services are uniquely equipped to solve even the most extreme data loss scenario.

Intelligent solutions help to locate and review personal data so it can be communicated to the supervisory authorities and those affected within mandatory reporting deadlines. 

KLDiscovery’s global data recovery business, Ontrack, has developed a specialized collection of proprietary tools to recover data from ransomware-encrypted systems, virtual machines, backup files, tapes, and other storage media.

Having successfully served our clients for over 30 years and supporting many of the ENR-ranked contractors and design firms, KLDiscovery provides technology-enabled services and software to help construction corporations and their law firms solve complex data challenges.

Whether you need to perform extensive QC on a production, normalize inbound submissions, or simply spot check the work of a colleague or supplier, ReadySuite has you covered!

We offer the industry’s most powerful data processing and review platforms, a dedicated team of Second Request experts, and global managed review resources to help ensure timely and accurate productions to antitrust regulators.

KLDiscovery's social media investigations services are valuable for attorneys and litigants seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the people involved in a legal case. Our experienced team uses state-of-the-art tools and techniques to locate, collect, and analyze data from social media platforms to deliver actionable insights.

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Whether the concern involves storage, business intelligence, or managing potential risks, Nebula’s modern approach solves the complex challenges involved with maintaining large data sets during litigation.

A comprehensive guide to predictive coding fundamentals and methods. 

At the heart of the amendments is a renewed effort to provide judges and lawyers with practical tools to help move the discovery process along and keeps costs in control.