Practical guidance born from experience.

Experience tells us that solid information governance requires defined processes as well as a clear understanding of data management protocol and the technologies that support it.

Being prepared is a beautiful thing.

The unrelenting growth of data and the increase in regulatory requirements have placed a heavy burden on corporations to understand what data they have and the risk it presents.

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Nebula Archive™

Comprehensive Information Governance

Nebula Archive allows organizations to take control of their data by applying content intelligence to inexpensive cloud storage. Comprehensive search, data retention, defensible deletion, preservation controls, and immutable storage, all driven by a flexible policy engine, help organizations to effectively meet the many and often conflicting requirements of Information Governance. Nebula Archive runs in Microsoft’s Azure cloud, allowing it to be available anywhere in the world in a highly secure and resilient manner.

Comprehensive management of company data.

With Unified Archive, one system seamlessly addresses all your information management needs, giving you the power to more effectively control your data.

Predictable downstream costs.

Data is often scattered around the organization in different and outdated systems, resulting in wasted dollars and increased risk.

The KLDiscovery approach. 

We understand your data realities and have a proven track record discovering data. 

All of our solutions are supported by subject matter experts who have decades of experience helping corporations – from global Fortune 100 companies to regional and mid-sized organizations – manage the entire information lifecycle and streamline all aspects of eDiscovery.

Solution at a Glance

Does your organization face any of the following challenges?

  • Ensuring that digital transformation and cloud initiatives meet all applicable statutory, regulatory and legal requirements
  • Improving information security
  • Leveraging enterprise information assets to gain a competitive edge in the big data analytics era
  • Quantifying exposure in the event of a data breach
  • Complying with aggressive regulatory notification requirements for data breaches
  • Complying with statutory and /or regulatory information retention requirements
  • Complying with regulatory requirements to protect personal information
  • Responding quickly to regulatory investigations
  • Efficiently and effectively executing legal holds and eDiscovery
  • Burgeoning eDiscovery cost overruns

If so, KLDiscovery Information Governance experts can help. Our team has a proven track record helping organizations large and small address these and other challenges related to managing their ever-increasing volumes of data. We can help you maximize value, reduce risk, increase efficiencies, improve defensibility and manage costs while adhering to practical, industry-accepted legal and compliance requirements. You benefit from a measurable return on investment (ROI) through reduced operational complexity, increased efficiency, improved regulatory posture, decreased risk and reduced storage costs.

Enterprise Solutions

KLDiscovery offers a suite of enterprise solutions geared toward solving information management and eDiscovery challenges. Comprised of matter-tested and innovative technologies, our solutions can be tailored to fit your specific business needs and budget.

Nebula Archive™
The unrelenting growth of data and the increase in regulatory requirements have placed a heavy burden on corporations to know what data they have, the risk it presents and the downstream costs of using that data effectively for litigation, investigations, records retention, knowledge management and big data analytics. Many organizations spend time talking about information governance, but few are prepared to put into action industry-accepted practices.

Built from the ground up to handle massive volumes of data, our Nebula Archive™ solution solves these challenges and seamlessly addresses all information management needs, including:

Many organizations spend time talking about information governance, but few are prepared to put into action industry-accepted practices.

Intelligent File Management

Most organizations have 30 percent or more duplication of data on their file shares. As much as 80 percent of the data on most organizations’ file shares serves no legitimate business purpose. Why should any organization pay to store and manage highly duplicative, largely useless information? How much will having this information around inflate your eDiscovery bills? What kind of embarrassing or damaging information might this unmanaged mass of data reveal in the event of a data breach?

Our Intelligent File Management process and technology unearths the redundant, outdated and trivial data clogging your file shares and allows you to purge what you no longer need. The remaining data can then be scanned for personally identifying information (PII) and other potential regulatory risks, so that these can be mitigated. Finally, the output of the file analysis and management process can be sent to Nebula Archive™ so that the problem does not recreate itself.

Intelligent Cloud Migration

Are you planning or already embarking on a journey to the cloud? Do you need help understanding how to efficiently manage information across hybrid environments? Are you looking for help planning and executing your migration process? Do you need a playbook and support for eDiscovery in the cloud?

KLDiscovery is a Microsoft Office 365 partner. Our Office 365 experts can provide the following services:

  • Office 365 preparation and strategy consulting;
  • Advanced eDiscovery support;
  • Office 365 Data Governance, Compliance and eDiscovery managed services;
  • Hybrid environment data governance, compliance and eDiscovery solutions;
  • On-premises data remediation and migration to Office 365; and
  • Cloud-based proprietary document review platform, Nebula™, with direct Office 365 integration.

Legacy Data Remediation

With decades of experience retrieving data from every conceivable media type and processing data in myriad formats, KLDiscovery is ideally situated to help you remediate legacy data. Our experts will design and implement a thoroughly auditable process to extract the data, keep what needs to be retained for general retention and legal hold purposes and defensibly delete what does not. The output can then be migrated to an appropriate retention repository for longer term management and ultimate disposal subject to applicable requirements. By undertaking a legacy data remediation project organizations can substantially reduce their potential eDiscovery cost and risk.

Litigation Readiness/Data Preservation and Collection Strategy

A sound plan is vital to an efficient and effective response for investigations, lawsuits or requests from a regulator. Our team of experts will help you to draft a comprehensive playbook covering everything from roles and responsibilities to specific preservation actions. We have collected and preserved data for thousands of clients and our experience can be leveraged to craft a specific strategy for your unique business requirements. With our help you can be confident that you are meeting or exceeding industry standards for defensibility while maximizing your existing technology investments.

Records and Information Management

KLDiscovery excels at navigating complex IT infrastructures to identify, assess and mitigate risks as part of your data management practices. We work with you to understand your electronically stored information (ESI) compliance requirements and implement processes and technology that support your records management requirements.