KLDiscovery is an organization of talent from multiple countries and cultures. The KLD family is a combination of LDiscovery plus Ontrack, AlphaLit, RenewData, FlashData Solutions, Turnstone Solutions, Credence Corporation, CopySecure, Elite Document Solutions, Oyez Legal Technologies, Ibas/Vogon, Engenium, Strategic Legal Solutions, Compiled and Superior Document Services. Together we have a shared vision to transform the way data is captured, recovered and viewed around the world.


The company acquires Cenza Technologies Private Limited.


The company acquires Superior Document Services.


Completes merger with Pivotal Acquisition Corp., resulting in KLDiscovery becoming a public company.

The company acquires Strategic Legal Solutions and Compiled.

The company opens document review facilities in Stuttgart/Böblingen, Germany and Sydney, Australia.


The company opens a data center and document review facility in Canada.

Nebula Portable™ is launched, offering powerful processing, filtering and analysis capabilities while keeping data on-site.

An updated Nebula® is launched, offering end-to-end eDiscovery management in a single tool.


The company expands its legal technologies offering in Europe by opening an office and data center in Dublin, Ireland.

The combined organization is rebranded as KLDiscovery. The launch of the KLDiscovery brand and new logos symbolizes the company’s dedication to bringing the absolute best eDiscovery and data recovery solutions to our clients. Ontrack, a KLDiscovery business, is the global market leader in data recovery, email extraction and restoration, data destruction and tape management.


The company expands into the Netherlands.

LDiscovery acquires Kroll Ontrack, creating one of the largest eDiscovery providers in the world.

The company acquires Elite Document Solutions.

2013 - 2015

The company acquires AlphaLit, RenewData, Turnstone Solutions, CopySecure, and Credence Corporation.

Data centers are opened in Frankfurt/Main, Germany and Paris, France.

The company expands to mainland China by opening an office in Shanghai.


The company expands its offering in Japan and opens a data center to facilitate processing and hosting of ESI in-country.


The company opens an office in Hong Kong, offering eDiscovery, data recovery, and computer forensics.


The company becomes the first Relativity hosting partner.

The company expands its eDiscovery business line in Asia and opens its first office in Japan.

The company acquires Ibas/Vogon, the leading Norway-based data recovery, data erasure and computer forensics organization, and Engenium - a leading provider of advanced search technologies. As a result of the acquisition of Ibas, Kroll Ontrack also begins service to clients in Singapore.


LDiscovery was founded. LDiscovery built its reputation as a leader in eDiscovery and customer satisfaction with a culture of client first and success through teamwork and humility. Under the leadership of Chris Weiler, founder and CEO, the company aggressively expanded its global footprint through organic growth and mergers and acquisitions. In 2017, the company rebranded as KLDiscovery.

Cleanroom facility opens in Australia to serve clients with their data recovery needs.


Kroll acquires Ontrack, resulting in the new Kroll Ontrack company name.

The company acquires Oyez Legal Technologies, expanding the eDiscovery business line to the United Kingdom.


eDiscovery business line begins. As electronic documents begin to outnumber paper documents, companies need an effective way to collect, analyze, filter, process and review both electronic and paper documents for litigation, investigations and regulatory requests.

Cleanroom and data recovery lab opens in Böblingen, Germany.

Data recovery business line begins in France.

First European office opens in London, offering computer forensic services and expert testimony.


Ontrack is founded as a software company, where success with the Disk Manager® product led to recovering data from damaged hard disk drives. As a result, Ontrack Data Recovery forms in 1987.