Actively monitor your organization's voice communications, electronic communications, data, and activities in one digital communications compliance platform.

Offering a communications hub, supervision, surveillance, early case assessment for eDiscovery, and data migration, Nebula Intelligent Archive leverages accurate, high-efficiency machine learning and analytics to improve your regulatory posture and greatly reduce false positives—and subsequently your alert rate.

One client reduced alerts from 3,000 to 90 out of 200,000 communications ingested daily with Nebula Intelligent Archive.

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Nebula Intelligent Archive

Nebula Intelligent Archive™, powered by Shield, brings the power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing to monitoring and surveillance, allowing compliance teams to reduce the flood of false positive compliance alerts, do more with less, and stay ahead of emerging trends in enforcement.

With unparalleled data portability, deployment flexibility, data source coverage, and integration options, Nebula Intelligent Archive’s industry-leading time to ROI brings unprecedented value to the Compliance and Information Governance space.

Use Cases


Comply with hundreds of global regulations requiring retention and destruction of selected information.


Monitor employee communications and proactively alert on over 45 specific behaviors, including front running, insider trading, kickback schemes, harassment, breach of confidentiality, aggressive sales practices, and more.


Rapidly and efficiently conduct internal investigations on employee communications and respond quickly to regulators.

Nebula Intelligent Archive combines leading technology with KLDiscovery's Advisory Services, enabling you to leverage the full range of benefits this solution offers. Make the most of our Advisory Services team's extensive knowledge and experience gained by successfully supporting clients through the most complex legal, regulatory, and technological challenges. Areas of expertise include:
  • Information Governance
  • Discovery Program Assessment and Development
  • Microsoft 365 Adoption and Governance
  • Legal Hold Management
  • ESI Liaison and Consulting
  • Digital Forensics
  • Cyber Incident Response
  • Data Breach and Ransomware Support

Nebula Intelligent Archive™ at a glance.

  • Platform designed for surveillance of voice, eComms, and documents
  • Pre-built, pre-tuned models with high efficacy rates
  • Flexible investigation workflows
  • Open and transparent self-service lexicons, models, and tuning
  • Self-service, no-charge data export
  • Work in conjunction with or replace existing archives to mitigate high cost
  • Identification and translation of 75 languages
  • Voice transcription of 99 languages
Nebula Intelligent Archive Diagram

Features & Benefits

  • Proactive surveillance/monitoring function provides a holistic review of voice communications, electronic communications (including off channel/mobile capture), data, documents/attachments, and activities.
  • Automated creation of alerts on PII and potential compliance risks with minimal false positives.
  • Self-help opportunity to modify lexicons or tune models (e.g., adjust the weighting) in a testing sandbox.
  • Improves regulatory posture by giving compliance managers transparency, facilitating the satisfaction of examiners.
  • Goes beyond the search terms (lexicons) used by most compliance tools—leveraging analytics such as financial context recognition and natural language processing for context, resulting in the significant reduction of false positives.
  • Includes modules specifically targeting indicators of insider trading with a highly automated control room function (information barriers), enabling compliance teams to effectively enforce ethical walls and dramatically mitigate the risk of MNPI leakage.
  • Superior accuracy, high efficacy rates, hidden issues identification, and time-to-value results from leveraging machine learning to facilitate compliance risk mitigation associated with commodities trading.

eComms Connectors

Onboard with any data source fast!

Nebula Intelligent Archive Diagram

90+ Pre-integrated connectors taking full accountability on data acquisition

Different connectivity methods based on the different data source.

Push and pull supported.

Direct / non-direct

Plug-in connector design.

Support for customized import flow.

Hybrid on-premise connectors supported.

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