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KLDiscovery offers the industry’s most powerful data processing and review platforms, a dedicated team of Second Request experts, and global managed review resources to help ensure timely and accurate productions to antitrust regulators.

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Second Requests and antitrust eDiscovery projects are synonymous with complexity, aggressive deadlines, and enormous data volumes. Our team of Second Request experts has successfully facilitated all aspects of eDiscovery in high pressure regulatory landscapes. With expertise developed over years of managing these matters, we maximize efficiency through people, process, and technology allowing us to meet critical deadlines in compliance with agency specifications.

Did you know?

We were one of the first to provide end-to-end capabilities for Second Requests, including identification and preservation, collection, processing, review, and production.


KLDiscovery has completed 170+ Second Requests since 2012.


Our top experts have more than 34+ years of combined experience making KLDiscovery a pioneer in the industry.

We are leaders in cross-border issues with a global footprint.

We have produced data to more than 30 competition bureaus, including SIRs in Canada, the CMA in the UK, Phase II investigations for the EC, and more while keeping data secure in compliance with global data privacy laws. Our data centers in North America, EMEA, and APAC ensure global collections capabilities and our teams have experience with multilingual review and productions to competition authorities around the world, including the Federal Trade Commission, Department of Justice, and European Commission.

We have experience in every major industry and vertical.

Our experts have successfully completed Second Requests in industries including technology, healthcare, energy, financial, pharma, food and beverage, and more. This experience gives us familiarity with a broad variety of technical systems, file types, and database systems.

We react quickly to overcome any challenge to help ensure on-time productions.

For a recent matter with novel file types, our team developed custom solutions to convert and process data into formats regulators could receive and review.

Our Process

We focus on workflow, using technology assisted review (TAR) and project management to meet the accelerated timelines of Second Requests.

Integrated Technology & Feature Enhancements
Relativity and Nebula AI are fully integrated into our Nebula ecosystem meaning there is no need to shuttle data between multiple platforms saving time and reducing cost.

Documentation & Agency Interactions
Our experts provide draft documentation and work with agencies on standards, in addition to assisting clients in their interactions with global agencies and regulators.

Expertise + TAR = Results
Our teams have been using TAR with Second Requests for more than 10 years, giving them the experience to know how best to leverage TAR on large projects and how to achieve greater precision at the predefined recall cutoff.

Training > Improvement > Validation
Our standards have been tested and approved by agencies. Our teams know how to train the TAR model, how to identify documents best suited to improve results, and multiple ways to validate results while making efficient use of clients’ time and effort.

Start Privilege Review Sooner
Our established TAR methodology allows clients to get a head start on Privilege Review, before the model is fully trained, ensuring we meet deadlines and minimize review costs.

KLDiscovery Process

Case Studies


A Second Request was issued by the FTC.


We fast-tracked the review leveraging KLDiscovery’s platform and predictive coding technology.


We collected 2.5+ TBs of data from 60+ custodians, narrowing it to 880 GBs for review. After review including predictive coding technology that returned a 90% document classification accuracy rate, we produced under 500,000 documents which aided the merging companies in completing the FTC production in less than 2 months.


Approval of a multibillion-dollar acquisition in the energy industry hinged on quick compliance with the FTC’s Second Request.


With proven workflow, reliable capacity, and timely attention, we helped close the deal—completing all work within 45 days from beginning to end.


Our ability to help the clients produce 2.5 million documents out of 11 TBs of data collected from 52 custodians enabled the transaction to be approved within 30 days of final production.


A US-based company needed to produce documents to the DOJ in an antitrust matter.


Our data collection experts collected documents in Japan and Korea, hosting the data in our Japan data center. Our eDiscovery technologists utilized early data assessment, searching, and predictive coding technologies while document reviewers worked quickly on the remaining Japanese and English documents.


We eliminated 1,200 hours in document review, resulting in almost $1.2 million in savings and a successful production to the DOJ.

Meet Some of Our Experts

Allow our experienced team to successfully guide you through a Second Request to get the deal done.

Nyah King

Nyah King

Director, US LT Project Management

+1 612.418.4243

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Jordan Chelovich

Jordan Chelovich

Associate Director, Managed Review Services

+1 571.512.2527

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