A Proprietary Powerhouse

KLDiscovery is the only eDiscovery provider with our own technology spanning the entire EDRM. We’ve created a battle-tested ecosystem of software and solutions that collect, process and host millions of files for our clients everyday.

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Introducing the Nebula Ecosystem

From archiving to eDiscovery workflow, the Nebula Ecosystem provides a seamless, end-to-end solution for an organisation’s data management.

Nebula Ecosystem
Nebula Ecosystem


Provides an intuitive yet powerful platform that distinguishes itself in both functionality and user experience, providing smarter ways to analyse, process, review, and manage large data sets.

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Nebula Archive

A next-generation archiving solution designed to address modern enterprise data management needs at scale.

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Predictive Coding

Award-winning, patented technology that leverages human expertise to drive results. Predictive Coding with Continuous Active Learning combines user decisions and random sampling to immediately and continuously prioritise important documents for review.

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Our services. Everywhere.

26 offices in 17 countries plus Cloud and Mobile eDiscovery solutions offered across the world to address your local needs.

Accelerate your review.

KLDiscovery is setting a new standard in eDiscovery workflow with exclusive applications that help you do more with your review tools. Multimedia files. Privilege logs. Email chains. Strict deadlines. No problem. Whether you choose Nebula or Relativity, we deliver the smart technologies you need to streamline your review.

Blinding speed. Extraordinary capacity. Put your eDiscovery into overdrive.

Our unique HIVE infrastructure and proprietary processing engine are built to exceed your expectations on every single case. Why trust anyone else?

10+ Terabytes Processed Daily

Dozens of Petabytes Actively Managed

Hundreds of Thousands of Documents Reviewed Each Day

Millions of Pages Produced Each Day

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Experience the Difference.

The pulse of KLD. See what makes us stand alone as the global leader in eDiscovery management solutions and customer satisfaction.

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A Message from Our CEO,
Chris Weiler

KLD COVID-19 Response

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