One hard drive or thousands of servers. Anywhere in the world.

Data collection teams and technology are located across the globe for immediate dispatch. Collecting data from approximately 150 different countries each year, KLDiscovery local experts have deep experience with country-specific collection laws and customs.

Our experts. On the ground. On your side.

KLDiscovery has decades of experience performing forensically sound data acquisitions across the globe and across every data format or device.

Our experts, equipped with state-of-the-art tools and attuned to the latest technical and legal developments, are on hand to perform even the most challenging of data collections in a totally sound and defensible manner.

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In-person Collection

KLDiscovery’s global network of data collection experts can be on the ground quickly, wherever your data is located.

Remote Collection

Our experts can login to your systems and collect evidence without setting foot in your office.


Our remote collection tool, RCMgr, enables defensible self-collection and is ideal for covert investigations and smaller projects.

RCMgr software login on monitor.

All the power of KLDiscovery in your hands.

The most advanced remote collection technology available.

Having been deployed coast-to-coast and around the globe, Remote Collections Manager (RCMgr®) is a mature tool that has done everything from performing a full disk image of a laptop to a targeted collection of a large file server to collections of mailboxes from a Lotus Notes server. Regardless of your background, you can now perform forensically sound collections repeatedly, effortlessly and defensibly.

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