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When malicious code infects an organisation’s system and extorts it for monetary gain, the overall impact can be dire.

KLDiscovery’s global data recovery business, Ontrack, has developed a specialised collection of proprietary tools to recover data from ransomware encrypted systems, virtual machines, backup files, tapes, and other storage media.

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If your organisation might be affected by ransomware:

  • Contain the attack by disconnecting infected machines from the network.

  • Contact us as early as possible: our team will provide a free consultation and advise on options for data recovery and how to prevent further potential data loss.

  • Avoid do-it-yourself attempts to decrypt the affected data; doing so could make future recovery attempts impossible.


With labs located around the world, help is available 24/7 from our knowledgeable team with vast experience in all types of data loss situations.

Recovery Process Overview

Though each ransomware incident is unique and varies in complexity, data recovery is possible. Success depends on the type of payload that has been executed, the hardware it has affected, and the initial actions taken upon discovery.

Data recovery process - Consult, Evaluate, Recover, Return


If your organisation has been affected by ransomware,
contact KLDiscovery today to discuss how we can help.