High-tech eDiscovery for high-tech companies.

The technology industry demands proactive legal strategies, powered by innovation. Our easy-to-use, dynamic eDiscovery solutions will help your legal team unlock their true potential, so your company can focus on fuelling growth and differentiating from the competition.


Accelerate ECA and review with the most advanced analytics toolkit on the market, offering features such as workflow, email threading, near-duplicate detection, language identification and predictive coding.

Relativity Enhancements

Get the best review results with a powerful combination of proprietary enhancements added to the Relativity review platform, hosted in KLDiscovery data centres around the globe.

Leading technology from an eDiscovery powerhouse.

Data in our possession is propelled by some of the most advanced data processing, security and disaster recovery technology in the industry:


A proprietary processing application that is faster and more robust than any competing product

Be a Superhero

Data Centres

From Los Angeles to New York and London to Toyko, KLDiscovery’s data centres are everywhere you need them to be

Get Your Game On


24x7 monitoring, redundant power and cooling systems, biometrics, penetration tests and vulnerability scans – we are serious about security


ISO Certification

Our ISO/IEC 27001 certification requires a coherent and comprehensive suite of information security controls

Go for the Win
Laptop in a KLDiscovery suitcase.

Powerful, portable, flexible.

One small box with all the eDiscovery technology you need.

KLDiscovery’s mobile eDiscovery solution is fast, thorough and ready to be deployed where you need it. In the hands of our expert consultants, our powerful mobile solution enables your organisation to capture, process, filter and examine data within the security of your own office.

Ediscovery without Borders