Nebula Archive™ is a next-generation archiving solution designed to address modern enterprise data management needs at scale.

Nebula Archive’s intelligent retention policies, defensible deletion, and preservation controls are built-in, allowing organizations to automate capturing and managing critical data. As a result, Nebula Archive™ helps reduce hourly labor costs and mitigates risk. In addition, a comprehensive set of source data connectors makes the Nebula Ecosystem the platform of choice to address legal, compliance, and investigation needs—supporting all phases of the data lifecycle from creation to production in a legal matter and ultimately to destruction.

Use Cases

  • Searchable preservation repository
  • Information governance
  • Dark data remediation
  • Legacy application retirement
  • Ex-employee data management
  • WORM regulatory compliance storage
  • Office 365 back-up
  • Ransomware and malicious insider defense
Nebula Archive steel cloud header.

Nebula Archive™ at a glance.

Nebula Archive Diagram

Nebula Archive™
for Preservation

Incorporate Nebula Archive™ for seamless preservation activities. Eliminate costly, highly duplicative, on-premises “dumping grounds” that cannot be searched or managed effectively. Nebula Archive™ automatically recognizes custodians and de-duplicates data, and attaches an audit trail (chain of custody) to every item stored.

Nebula Archive™
for Information Governance

Nebula Archive™ is ideally suited to solve enterprise problems stemming from burgeoning data volumes, fragmented application landscapes, and increasing business, regulatory, and legal demands. Nebula Archive™ can assist with legacy application retirement, dark data remediation, and information governance, among other use cases.

Nebula Archive™
for Cybersecurity

As part of a defense-in-depth cybersecurity strategy, all organizations need secure and easily accessible back-ups of their data to guard against threats such as ransomware and malicious or careless insiders. Nebula Archive™ addresses this need with the ability to automate back-up from on-premises and cloud sources, such as Office 365, and manage back-up and retention with a flexible policy engine. Unlike back-up tape, clients can seamlessly find and restore data at the individual file level.

Intelligent Cloud Data Management

Unlike legacy archive solutions, Nebula Archive™ uses no proprietary storage formats. Storage is automatically optimized, and data is indexed for full-text searching.

Nebula Archive™ makes it possible to identify redundant, outdated, and trivial (“ROT”) data. Defensibly delete unneeded data with an audit trail and maintain good data hygiene with customizable metadata models and event-based retention policies.

Manage any data format, including:

  • Microsoft Exchange (on-premises and online)
  • SharePoint
  • Loose files from file shares or hard drives
  • Email containers such as PST files
  • Forensic images
  • Individual email messages (e.g., from journaled email or legacy email archives)
  • Legacy archiving solutions—Symantec/Veritas Enterprise Vault, HP Autonomy EAS, EMC SourceOne, and more

Nebula Archive™ Makes It Easy

Completely Transparent Pricing

Zero Lock-in

Deploy in Days

Pay-as-you-go and Pre-pay Models Available

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