KLDiscovery’s Advisory Services group is comprised of seasoned specialists with decades of experience as industry pioneers, experts and contributors in eDiscovery and information governance.

As organisations manage increasingly complex data ecosystems, our team is available to provide professional guidance.

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Office 365 health check image.

Office 365 Health Check

A targeted assessment of a client's usage of Security and Compliance Center, focusing on performance against established baselines in five key areas:

  • Retention & Disposition Best Practices
  • Defensibility -Preservation
  • Defensibility -eDiscovery Process
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • O365 Best Practices

Clients receive a report detailing findings and recommendations.

Discovery Readiness and Response Services

eDiscovery Expert Witness

Benefit from the decades of experience our specialists have opining on the record in legal proceedings.


Advisory Services experts coordinate with stakeholders to identify preservation obligations and provide a roadmap for subsequent collection efforts.

Preservation and Collection Strategy

Engaging with in-house and outside counsel to develop a defensible and cost-effective preservation and collection strategy.

Legal Hold

Help planning and implementing your legal hold system migration and maximising benefit from the new system.

Information Governance Services

O365 Health

The Office 365 tenant is reviewed for a host of potential pitfalls, including deprecated features, sub-optimal export settings, retention and disposition policy gaps, and possible legal hold issues.

Legal Hold Process Improvement

Identifying opportunities to enhance existing processes of your organisation’s legal hold obligations.

Data Privacy Services

Privacy Compliance Assessment

Assessing your organisation’s technological architecture, data flows, and governance practices in the context of GDPR, CCPA or other privacy regulations.

Data Breach Risk Mitigation

KLDiscovery’s Advisory Services experts scan the client’s IT environment to flag high-risk information and develop a mitigation strategy.


KLDiscovery is here to help you to leverage our knowledge and expertise to help your organisation succeed at data-related initiatives.

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