Focus on the most critical electronic information.

Your mission in an investigation: understand the nature of the behaviour in question and determine the veracity of the claims. Then you can try to eliminate or minimise eventual penalties. In situations where your organisation is at risk, KLDiscovery can assist.

Internal Investigations

You need to get to the bottom of suspected wrongdoing such as anti-competitive behaviour, bribery, corruption, fraud and infringements by employees, such as harassment or IP theft.

Regulatory Responses

From anti-trust dawn raids in the EU to Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and UK Bribery Act investigations, when a regulator comes knocking, you need to respond carefully yet swiftly.

What happened? Who is responsible? Are you at risk?

Our clients rely on us to help them comb through troves of data to answer these questions. We can quickly assemble experts and technology to:

  • Collect documents simultaneously in multiple locations and undercover after business hours
  • Examine email and documents from key individuals using cutting-edge predictive coding and analytics technology
  • Provide an early view of the evidence to support leniency applications
  • Review large volumes of documents rapidly with managed review professionals
  • Recover deleted data or build website history reports using computer forensic tools
  • Make disclosures to regulators in the required production formats

Mitigating Data Protection and Privacy Concerns

In Europe and Asia, privacy laws can be a significant challenge.

If your investigation spans multiple countries across the globe, you need to be prepared to comply with privacy, data protection and secrecy laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation. KLDiscovery’s global team of experts can help you navigate country-specific regulations and customs. Our mobile and cloud-based eDiscovery technology, Nebula, also keeps data onsite and in-country to limit data transfers and comply with data protection laws.