Work smarter, not harder.

Ediscovery has come a long way in its short history, with KLDiscovery on the forefront of providing clients the best solutions and tools in the industry to reduce costs and focus on relevant data faster. KLDiscovery offers a full range of eDiscovery analytics tools combined with a deep bench of human expertise to help you get the most out of your solution.

With Nebula AI, you won’t miss critical documents.

If you’re not using eDiscovery analytics, you’re at risk of increasing legal costs and missing critical documents.

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Developed through collaboration of our data scientists, software engineers and legal professionals, Nebula AI is the most advanced toolkit on the market, offering features such as:

Predictive Coding

Rank and categorize documents with remarkable accuracy via machine learning.

Nebula® Workflow

Automate the routing and distribution of documents to streamline review.

Email Threading

Determine the relationship between messages and identify the most inclusive messages.


Identify and group similar records, highlighting the subtle differences for faster review.

Language Identification

Automatically identify the primary language on all documents in your data set.

KLD Predictive Coding.

Leverage the elite team of human experts at KLDiscovery to automatically classify millions of documents in a matter of hours.

  • Flexible training with any document at any time
  • Multiple workflow strategies to choose from
  • Perform classification for multiple issues simultaneously
  • Integrated with Workflow and dynamic batching applications
  • Best-in-class machine learning technology yields superior results
KLDiscovery's Nebula software on monitor.