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Personal data buried in unstructured data like email, file systems, and collaboration platforms is pervasive and can pose a difficult and tedious challenge in the wake of a cybersecurity incident. KLDiscovery’s Cyber Incident Response services blend the brute strength and scale of our global operations with a bespoke approach and tailored workflow specific to the identification of PII, PHI, and other forms of critical data.

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Mission-Critical Data Mining

Deciphering compromised data to identify PII, PHI, and other sensitive data quickly and efficiently is the focal point of our approach to incident response work. KLDiscovery offers clients unparalleled scale, refined workflow, and professional experts who leverage extensive experience to manage and analyse impacted data in the wake of ransomware attacks or other digital security challenges.

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Cybersecurity Incident Response Webinar

Strategies to Tame the Complexities of Cybersecurity Incident Readiness and Response

Topics include:

Pre-Event Strategies

  • M&A due diligence
  • Foundational elements of incident response readiness
  • Importance of conducting incident related work under the protection of attorney-client privilege
Post Incident Response

  • Addressing the growing urgency for insight in hours and days not weeks and months
  • Advantages of using machine learning developed to identify PII/PHI
  • Harnessing post-incident insight to refine internal data management practices

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Cyber Incident Response Doesn’t Have to Be Daunting

KLDiscovery is uniquely equipped to effectively manage data compromised during cybersecurity incidents regardless of volume or global location. Our proven approach provides record-level analysis and reporting:

Tailored Workflow Leveraging Innovative Technology

Thoughtfully crafted and well curated search terms enable us to identify and prioritise highly relevant data quickly. Our success in the consistent identification, prioritisation, classification, and reporting of highly relevant content relies on the use of our data analytics, predictive coding, and other technology assisted review tools such as automated workflow. Our well-established workflow is scalable, flexible, and highly customisable to fit the specific needs and findings associated with each matter.

Dedicated CIR Teams

Select members of our Client Services, Managed Review and Advisory Services teams collaborate to deliver early insight on impacted individuals and sensitive data. Having a dedicated team focused on this area of practice ensures we meet reporting and notification timelines.

Experienced Managed Review Operations for Data Mining

Take advantage of a global network of document review and data capture specialists. Customised coding templates are used to tag documents containing PII, PHI, or sensitive data in a centralised, reusable database object and records subject to jurisdiction- specific disclosure requirements are identified.


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