KLDiscovery Launches Full Support for Slack® Collaboration Software

Friday, May 1, 2020 by Thought Leadership Team


KLD Forensics Toolkit for Slack Communications

KLDiscovery’s proprietary forensics toolkit now supports the direct collection of Slack communications data via the Slack Discovery API.  Our proprietary solution seamlessly and defensibly parses this information into a format that is ideal for eDiscovery and investigatory scenarios. For Slack Enterprise Grid customers this means:

  • Avoiding the inconvenience of the Corporate Export application process
  • A more secure authentication method with no need to share administrator credentials
  • The ability to target collections, including by user, channel and date range
  • Full compliance with civil litigation and regulatory production format standards

Nebula Big Data Store Connector for Enterprise Slack Communications

Many Slack customers require a more permanent, scalable, and automated solution for capturing and retaining employee communications. Whether driven by frequent legal needs, or regulatory compliance, KLDiscovery’s Nebula Big Data Store provides the perfect answer.

Nebula Big Data Store (NDBS) is KLDiscovery’s next-generation archiving solution designed to address modern enterprise data management needs at scale. Retention policies, defensible deletion, and preservation controls are built-in, allowing organizations to capture and manage important data without the risk of keeping redundant, outdated or trival data. As part of the KLDiscovery Nebula Ecosystem, NBDS is fully integrated with both the Nebula eDiscovery platform and Nebula Legal Hold, allowing total end-to-end control of corporate data from a single application.  

Connecting with the Slack platform enables NBDS customers to:

  • Capture private channels, direct messages, and files
  • Capture message edits
  • Store a user-friendly rendering of the content while forensically preserving the underlying raw data
  • Preserve only the content you need

Slack data is just the latest of many data sources supported by Nebula Big Data Store. Other supported sources include:

  • Exchange/Exchange Online
  • SharePoint/SPO/ODB
  • O365 Groups/Teams
  • O365 audit log
  • File shares
  • PST/EML/MSG files
  • Amazon S3

Contact us today at info@kldiscovery.com or give us a call at 888.811.3789 to find out how we can help solve your data management challenges with Nebula Big Data Store.

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