The Updated Pulse Benchmarks Have Arrived

Tuesday, January 5, 2016 by Thought Leadership Team


Don’t miss a beat; the updated Pulse Benchmarks have arrived! Kroll Ontrack’s Pulse keeps track of changes in the ediscovery market. The Pulse Benchmarks provide real-time data that can help practitioners identify ways to cut time and costs on their ediscovery projects. Here are some of the highlights from the recent December 2015 update.

Source Data is on the Rise as Big Cases Get Bigger

The past two years have seen an increase in the average number of gigabytes collected prior to filtering and processing per project. Even though parties are collecting data more diligently and custodian counts per matter continue to decline, big data is driving up data volumes per custodian, resulting in increased data volumes per case.

Ratio of Email to Loose Files Stabilizes

While the volume of unstructured data and the complexity of data stores proliferate, email still remains the dominant data form for ediscovery. After a decline in 2013, the percentage of email processed rose to previously recorded levels in the 2014 data.

Better Technology Equals Fewer Reviewers on Every Project

There is simply no escaping the old adage that time is money when it comes to ediscovery—especially when it comes to document review. The empowering impact of modern filtering and review technologies, like predictive coding, is likely a significant driving force behind this trend of fewer reviewers per project.

The full Pulse Report is now available, and includes more highlighted metrics so you can keep up-to-the-minute with the latest ediscovery trends.