School of Ediscovery!

Monday, April 14, 2014 by Eric Robinson


From Rodney Dangerfield’s 1980’s hit, “Back to School,” to Jack Black’s “School of Rock” in 2003 – time and time again – the movie industry strikes gold portraying stories of greenhorns attending or teaching in educational institutions.

Having had my own journey through law school and enduring the spotlight of the Socratic Method, I never thought I would be back in a law school classroom. But, when New York Law School asked if I would deliver a presentation on ediscovery, the daunting memories of my law school days soon vanished. Like Rodney Dangerfield and Jack Black, I was heading back to school!  (I have to admit, I liked being on the other side of the  podium.)

Ediscovery lives at the intersection of law and technology, and it is not surprising that law schools seek to include more ediscovery education as part of their mainstream curriculum. So, on April 8th, I stood before an assembly of eager New York Law School students to talk about ediscovery.  The presentation was titled “Ediscovery Unleashed!” and focused on how this area of the law is evolving at the speed of light with innovative technologies, such as predictive coding, pushing the boundaries of traditional document review and production.

This particular group of motivated law students more than understood that today’s legal professionals need to embrace the unique intricacies of ediscovery and the technologies that are employed in this area of law. I have no doubt that many of these New York Law School students will go on to do great things in ediscovery (and other areas of the law).