LTNY 2014 Survival Guide: Kroll Ontrack Sessions

Tuesday, January 28, 2014 by Thought Leadership Team


Product demos, vining, bit coin, John Henry, predictive coding, tweeting, the silk road, video montages, disruptive technology, live blogging, big data, multi-matter management, search, and of course, electronic discovery—yes this amalgamation of somewhat related topics could only spell one thing: LegalTech 2014 is almost upon us.

It’s no surprise that several substantive resources already exist that give attendees a taste of what to expect in New York this year, like this series of expert interviews conducted by Josh Gilliland from  But before you finalize your trek through LegalTech, we want to call your attention to a few sessions on Wednesday, February 5th, that you won’t want to miss:

Have we Reached a “John Henry” Moment in Evidentiary Search? (10:30-11:45am February 5th)

To kick things off, Eric Robinson will be moderating a discussion between Ralph Losey, Jason R. Baron, and Cliff Dutton on the future of predictive coding. Will this technology remove humans from the labor-intensive practice of law in a similar way the steam power hammer triumphed over John Henry, the steel driving man? While we can’t promise that Ralph will be donning an acoustic guitar, we can assure you that this esteemed panel will leave no tea leaves unread.

The Ediscovery Pulse: Metrics You Need to Know (2:00-3:15pm February 5th)

Another session well worth your while directs attendees’ attention to a new resource for comparing ediscovery benchmarks and forecasting performance.  Knowing how many custodians you produced from your last case makes for a nice anecdote. Knowing the average number of custodians organizations produced from across thousands of matters handled by the leading provider, however, makes for compelling arguments both in conference rooms and in court. Dean Hager, President and CEO of Kroll Ontrack will be hosting this panel where ediscovery experts Wendy Curtis, Emily Cobb, Eli Nelson, and Lynn Looby will weigh the impact of six new metrics available at

Multi-Matter Management: An Ediscovery “Lifestyle Change” (3:45-5:00pm February 5th)

The final session on Wednesday will focus on the transition from case-centric ediscovery project management to a more comprehensive, multi-matter approach. Moderated by Kamal Gadelhak, this discussion will focus on practical advice about embracing a more holistic approach to litigation response as offered by speakers  Allison Berres, Rachel Rubenson, and Josh Zylbershlag. This panel will leverage an interactive simulation to demonstrate what cost-savings can be gained from adopting modern technology to effectuate proactive, multi-matter management.

Also, don’t forget to stop by Kroll Ontrack’s Welcome Cocktail Reception on February 4th at 5:00pm to kick off what will surely be an amazing week! For the most up-to-date information about what Kroll Ontrack will be doing this year (regarding prizes, parties, exhibit hours), our LTNY 2014 landing page is the place to go.