Nebula™ Release Announcement

Monday, April 12, 2021 by KLD Team

KLDiscovery Announces New Nebula Enhancements That Heighten Customizability of User Access Controls for a More Flexible eDiscovery Experience

KLDiscovery's Nebula offers a modern, intuitive, and simplified approach to eDiscovery and investigations that enables users of all skill levels to solve complex data problems with ease. At the heart of this enablement is Nebula User Management, the administrative feature that controls user access and authentication within the Nebula platform. As part of the latest release, Nebula takes this functionality to the next level by improving on every aspect of Nebula User Management – from the foundational permissions schema to revolutionary UI enhancements.

Within Nebula, each user is now assigned to a “Firm” (e.g., organization), with select users from each Firm being used to construct well-defined user groups. User group “Assignments” then control which projects those user groups can access. Within each Assignment, administrative users can fine-tune feature access from a completely redesigned permissions UI.

Additional feature highlights include permission templates for rapid reusability of custom roles, the ability to copy one or several user group attributes to expedite setup of related user groups, and “Firm Administration” capabilities that will soon allow customers to self-manage their own users, groups, assignments, and projects.

There are more big changes in-store for Nebula User Management to be introduced in 2021. To stay informed of Nebula release highlights, including Nebula User Management enhancements, be sure to follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter.