Nebula® Release Announcement

Monday, July 12, 2021 by KLD Team

Nebula Announcement

KLDiscovery Announces the Availability of Customer Self-Administration for Nebula®

KLDiscovery's Nebula platform offers a modern, intuitive, and simplified approach to eDiscovery and investigations that enables users of all skill levels to solve complex data problems with ease. Recently, Nebula added a powerful user management framework to allow finely-tuned control of data access and platform features. Today, Nebula takes that a step further by introducing customer-facing administrative capabilities typically reserved for System Administrators.

Frequently starting new projects with diverse access requirements can be a burdensome task. “Firm Administration” allows legal departments and case teams to have full control over:

  • New Repository creation and associated Matter management
  • User account creation and maintenance
  • User Group creation, membership, and assignments
  • Permission Templates for easy cloning of permission sets across separate User Groups

The release of Firm Administration is one of the most hotly anticipated Nebula enhancements of 2021, answering the call of many Nebula customers eager for an extra layer of autonomy. This capability brings agility and immeasurable value to law firms, corporations, and agencies alike.

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