Ediscovery.com “Brew Break”: Making (Your) Brilliance Repeatable

Friday, January 17, 2014 by Thought Leadership Team


Let me get this straight, you want me to rethink our ediscovery workflow before I have a cup of coffee—sir is… is that even possible?

Possible maybe, but we certainly wouldn’t recommend it. In fact, to further Kroll Ontrack’s goal of making (your) ediscovery brilliance repeatable, we’ve come up with an intricate two pronged approach to achieve this objective: caffeine and live product demos.

Okay fine, maybe it isn’t so complicated, but trust me: it’s gonna be good. And, if you take 30 minutes for an ediscovery.com “Brew Break” webinar, your next cup of brew—coffee, java, latte, or espresso – will be on Kroll Ontrack.

Andrea Gibson, Kroll Ontrack Product Director, will be kicking off the “Brew Break” series by demonstrating Ediscovery.com Review on January 30th at 10am CST for corporations and at 3pm CST for law firms.

Corporations and Law firms:

  • Are you looking for more control over ediscovery data volumes and costs?
  • Has your outside counsel or clients leveraged predictive coding to speed document review?
  • Do you need better ediscovery metrics and reporting to make informed case decisions?

Registration for the January 30th 10am CST Brew Break | ediscovery.com Review for Corporations is open here. Registration for the January 30th 3pm CST Brew Break | ediscovery.com Review for Law Firms is open here. Brew Break schedules are updated monthly—keep tabs on the blog for an updated agenda.

Nourishment for your brain; java for your soul.  Both will help make your brilliance repeatable.