US Data Privacy Laws - 2024 Update: What's Changed? What are the (Real/Potential) Impacts? What's Ahead?

Thursday, August 8, 2024
1:00PM ET



After the record-breaking interest in our webinar on US data privacy law in 2023, this webinar addresses how the laws have progressed over the past year and what the near future may hold.

Join Eric Robinson, KLDiscovery’s VP, Global Advisory Services & Strategic Client Solutions, as he discusses the risks US data privacy laws present, what organizations can do to mitigate these risks, and how technology—including AI—can help.

Eric will answer audience questions and discuss key topics including:

  • The evolving US data privacy landscape
  • What is on the horizon and how to plan ahead
  • How to leverage technology to comply and mitigate risk
  • How AI is being applied to privacy compliance
  • How Generative AI is impacting privacy

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Eric M. Robinson, JD PMP

Eric M. Robinson, JD/PMP
Vice President, Global Advisory Services & Strategic Client Solutions, KLDiscovery

Eric Robinson has more than 25 years of accumulated legal, eDiscovery, data governance, and project management experience. As KLDiscovery’s VP, Global Advisory Services & Strategic Client Solutions, Eric leads the company’s Advisory Services team and works consultatively with clients to develop and implement cost effective, efficient, and defensible strategies for discovery, data governance, and data privacy compliance. Leveraging his experience in operational analysis and design and his knowledge of current legal trends and technology associated with information management, Eric designs defensible strategies and technology solutions to optimize client efficiencies in alignment with industry accepted practices.