Tribute: What Ediscovery Legends Are Made Of

Monday, August 25, 2014 by Thought Leadership Team


Too many times this year, I sit at my desk with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. Upon learning of Browning Marean’s passing over the weekend, all I can think is another ediscovery pioneer gone too soon. 

The ediscovery community is just that – a community. Whether you wear the hat of lawyer or client, vendor or consultant, litsupport or technologist, commentator or marketer, we all are connected by the same goals and ideals. And that is the reason why when one of our ediscovery family leaves us too soon, we all take a moment of pause. This year, sadly, we have had too many moments of pause.

My road with Browning goes back to the dark ages, to my early days both as a lawyer and ediscovery enthusiast. Long before the Zubulake opinions or 2006 FRCP amendments, Browning was one of the early advocates for legal technologies. He and a few other forbearers were headliners for a series of cross-country educational events sponsored by Kroll Ontrack. Like many of my former and current Kroll Ontrack colleagues, I am humbled to have had the chance to observe and learn from him, as we traveled from coast-to-coast evangelizing about this “new fangled” practice called ediscovery. As the years ticked by, it was a delight to visit with him at tradeshows and CLEs; Browning always genuinely showing interest in Kroll Ontrack’s newest offerings and my own personal pursuits. He touched so many in our community, it’s no wonder that within hours upon his passing, tributes, more tributes, and picture memorials abounded the ediscovery blog-o-sphere.

This trailblazer leaves big shoes to fill, sparking passion and inspiration to those of us left carrying the torches. Browning, I am certain somewhere you are convening one heck of a meet and confer.