Transferring Data to Verve SaaS Ediscovery Platform

Thursday, May 10, 2012 by Thought Leadership Team

Transferring data for ediscovery processing could not be easier with Verve, the new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) DIY ediscovery platform from Kroll Ontrack.  With Verve, you are in control of the data transfer process, and once your data is transferred to Verve, processing begins.  Verve helps you manage the process in a way that is easy to understand, preserves any chain of custody, and involves only three simple steps.

  1. Create and Save a Data Set: To lay the foundation for your data set, select the Transfers tab within the Verve interface. Here you can click Add+ to open the Add Data Set page and enter key basic information like the Data Set name, the Matter to add the Data Set to, and the Processing Instructions for the data set. You can now build your data set by adding, editing, or removing File Sets. When you click Add+ to add a File Set, you will be prompted to select a custodian and a file set type. Be sure to save each additional File Set you add. After you have finished adding additional file sets, save the completed data set… You’re ready for transfer.
  2. Transfer Data: If you return to the Transfers tab, you will see the Data Set table which contains a list of Data Sets that your team has created. To view these by matter, custodian, transfer status, date range or data set name, click Change Display of Data Set Table. Click on the Data Set you want to transfer and click Start to begin the transfer. Additional function buttons allow you to pause, restart, cancel and view the audit trail for a Data Set.
  3. Processing Occurs: If a processing instruction was selected when creating your Data Set, processing will start automatically when the first File Set completes transferring.  If you want to transfer your Data Set to Verve, but hold off on processing, be sure to choose the Decide Later processing instruction option.

Your data will be processed and ready for early data assessment or document review before you know it. With Verve, you have all the power across the EDRM in a single in-house ediscovery tool.