The User Experience – Reinvented

Monday, March 21, 2011 by Thought Leadership Team


Version 7.0 of the Ontrack® Inview™ review tool features a new design to dramatically enhance usability and reduce the cost of document review.

Building on 10 years of award-winning document review tool innovations, version 7.0 is now complete with a modern, fresh design and offers clients a brand new user experience. Developed by users for users, insight for the new user interface was obtained from a global team of experienced reviewers located in Kroll Ontrack document review facilities around the world. This interface, together with the unique Intelligent Review Technology (IRT), maximize the speed of document review, reiterating the company’s commitment to helping clients achieve a 50 percent plus cost savings on review.

The new, modern Ontrack Inview interface maximizes the speed of your review, saving costs by:

  • Increasing efficiency. With logical task groupings, a new intuitive ribbon bar and more right-click options, clients can gain faster access to commonly used review features.
  • Improving ease of use. Dual monitor support allows for additional screen real estate for easier viewing of potentially relevant documents.
  • Customizing your experience. With drag and drop, dockable viewing panes, the screen layout is now customizable for all review needs.

"Maximizing usability in the industry-leading Ontrack Inview review tool is of the utmost importance to Kroll Ontrack because it directly impacts efficiency, satisfaction and cost savings for our clients," said Michele Lange, director of discovery, Kroll Ontrack. "When clients are more efficient, it takes less time to accomplish a particular review task, resulting in increased productivity, cost savings and a higher level of customer satisfaction."

To ensure that Kroll Ontrack was delivering as promised on this new version, Kroll Ontrack conducted a usability study with a user profile of individuals with little to no experience using the Ontrack Inview tool to test the efficiency of the new review tool interface. Kroll Ontrack timed users as they conducted 10 review tasks in previous versions of the tool and in the new Ontrack Inview 7.0 interface. The usability study revealed it was easier to schedule reports, locate documents, highlight key words and translate text. Specifically, these review tasks were conducted 10 percent faster in the Ontrack Inview 7.0 review tool. The new user interface and its enhanced usability and customizability features are also available in the Ontrack® Advanceview™ early data assessment tool, which now features its own distinct look and feel customized for optimum early data assessment in litigation and regulatory matters.

"Kroll Ontrack strives to continually update its technology and services offerings to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the legal discovery process," said George May, vice president of product strategy, Kroll Ontrack. "Innovations such as Intelligent Review Technology, which integrates expert human logic with smart technology by evaluating and learning from document review decisions, and the new Ontrack Inview 7.0 review tool reinforce our relentless commitment to helping our clients drive down the total cost of litigation. As the only end-to-end discovery services and technology provider, we are uniquely positioned to offer the most comprehensive, meaningful and cost-effective improvements to our clients to meet their varying needs. Clients can expect and should look forward to continued innovation from us in technology, services and bundled offerings in 2011 and beyond."