Like a Rollercoaster Ride: A Day in the Life of an Ediscovery Case Manager

Monday, June 2, 2014 by Thought Leadership Team

Ediscovery is a hectic arena, where law and technology intersect to provide solutions to complex litigation challenges.  From millions of documents, to tight production deadlines, no one understands the realities of the ediscovery frenzy better than an ediscovery case manager.  Whether based at a law firm, corporation or an ediscovery provider, case managers are the people in the trenches, helping guide an ediscovery project through the ups and downs.

Knowing the basics, do you ever wonder what it would be like to step into the shoes of an ediscovery case manager for a day? Hold on tight and imagine being on a rollercoaster ride because it will be an action packed and exciting day full of twists and turns.  It involves one-on-one client interactions built from solid foundational relationships, solving unique problems and thinking outside the box to arrive at custom solutions, and tackling and mitigating challenging situations as they arise to find innovative ways to avoid challenges in the future.

Kroll Ontrack ediscovery case managers have extensive knowledge and experience within the fields of ediscovery and client services to help them undertake a typical day.  They have advanced degrees, certifications and widespread training on all of the services provided to ensure the client is always the number one priority. Additionally, our case managers are supported by unique Kroll Ontrack practices that help them successfully manage client projects and accounts.

Hear from Kroll Ontrack ediscovery case managers as they talk about:

  • Establishing and maintaining successful and lasting client relationships
  • The benefits of having a personal case manager assigned to a project or account
  • How to handle challenging situations and avoid them in the future
  • Practices that are unique to Kroll Ontrack and how these practices  benefit the client

If you’re interested in hearing a more in­-depth discussion on the typical day of a Kroll Ontrack ediscovery case manager, register for our upcoming webinar, “A Day in the Life of an Ediscovery Case Manager,” on June 4, presented by Kroll Ontrack and ACEDS.  Also, stay tuned to The Ediscovery Blog to find out the latest news in the field of ediscovery.