Kroll Ontrack Partners with Ralph Losey's Ediscovery Team Training Program

Wednesday, July 20, 2011 by Thought Leadership Team


Online classroom to provide in-depth training to law students and legal professionals

Kroll Ontrack today introduced an online classroom for the Ediscovery Team Training Program. The new offering provides law students, attorneys and other legal professionals with a thorough educational dive into current discussions, trends, challenges and case law pertaining to the challenging world of electronic evidence.

The Ediscovery Team Training Program was created by Ralph Losey, who serves as partner and national ediscovery counsel for a national law firm. This comprehensive educational offering was developed from the three-credit course on ediscovery taught by Losey at the University of Florida (although it is not affiliated with the University), and includes 62 online virtual classes taught by Losey and industry experts, and includes videos and materials from leading judges including Judge Shira Scheindlin from the Southern District of New York, Judge Paul Grimm from the District of Maryland and Judge John Facciola from the District of Columbia.

"Kroll Ontrack is proud to sign onto the Ediscovery Team Training Program as part of the service provider component of this curriculum," said Kelly Kubacki, staff attorney, Kroll Ontrack. "Service provider neutral education is an endeavor Kroll Ontrack takes seriously and the Kroll Ontrack classroom features presentations, thought leading articles, whitepapers and other educational resources that will help enhance the teachings of the Ediscovery Team Training Program. In addition, students have easy access to the interactive State Court Local Rules & Statutes map that provides current information regarding state-rulemaking activity."

"Kroll Ontrack is well recognized as an industry leader when it comes to understanding and managing ediscovery," said Ralph Losey, creator of the Ediscovery Team Training Program. "The tools and resources available to our registered users in the Kroll Ontrack classroom will be invaluable, and I am thrilled to have them as a partner in our effort to help our students understand this exciting area of the law.

"Ediscovery education serves as the survival guide to modern litigation and is an absolute necessity for law students, attorneys and anyone with discovery responsibilities," said Kubacki. "Proactively gaining an understanding of how to navigate this tricky process that consistently plagues corporations, law firms and government entities will also provide students of the Ediscovery Team Training Program with a competitive edge in the marketplace and increase their value within organizations as a vital legal and technical resource. Kroll Ontrack looks forward to this partnership with Losey and with all students of the program to provide only the highest quality education in this exciting field."