Case Study: Investigators Uncover 18 Critical Emails Among Millions

Wednesday, June 17, 2015 by Thought Leadership Team

300 gigabytes of data, 1 million documents, and a corporate fraud investigation... As an ediscovery professional, you have probably found yourself in a scenario like this more than once. Knowing what to do and having a good set of tools is half the battle, but effectively and efficiently finding a shred of valuable evidence in a mountain of data can be just as challenging as finding a needle in haystack. Learn how one company, along with its counsel and ediscovery provider navigated this tricky terrain by reading this new Kroll Ontrack case study.

Finding the Needle in the Haystack

When a healthcare company discovered its intellectual property had been stolen, it faced the daunting task of reviewing a crippling amount of data with little or no guarantee that the evidence it needed would even be found.  In preparing for this daunting fraud investigation, it enlisted an AmLaw 100 law firm as well as Kroll investigators and Kroll Ontrack document review experts to take on the arduous task of analyzing and reviewing 300 gigabytes of data and over one million documents.  But what started as a monumental task of sifting through a myriad of data  was alleviated by leveraging  Kroll Ontrack’s Relativity platform, which includes a powerful Early Case Assessment workflow that can be customized to help review teams quickly organize, cull and prioritize docume prior to review.  In a matter of days, the investigators found their “needles” in the sizable haystack: amongst the one million documents reviewed, they found 18 emails to support the corporation’s claims and initiate a formal lawsuit.

Searching through the Straw

What can you do to sift through a seemingly endless amount of data? When you come upon your next substantial data haystack, keep these tips in mind:

  • Plan: Jumping into the data haystack headfirst may seem like a good way to quicken your search, but properly planning your investigation is the key to efficiency. An effective investigation requires strong communication, coordination, and goal setting to produce the best possible results.
  • Focus: You want to find those “needles” and quickly cull the straw from your data haystack to focus your search. Kroll Ontrack’s Relativity lets you to do just that by importing, analyzing, and organizing all potentially relevant data in its unified database, allowing you to easily identify the most important documents.
  • Assess: You may not find the “needle” you were looking for immediately, but assessing your findings and holding on to anything that stands out from the hay may save valuable time later. Keep the goals of the investigation in mind to ensure that critical or questionable data remains in the pool as the investigation progresses.

Pairing strong preparation with the powerful versatility of Kroll Ontrack’s unique technology and seasoned professionals enables investigation teams to locate valuable evidence in the most formidable of data haystacks.  To learn more about how this healthcare company managed this data nightmare with Kroll Ontrack’s unique technology and services, check out the full case study today.