Asynchronous Search? Increase Your Flexibility

Monday, August 13, 2012 by Thought Leadership Team

Running a search in a large data set and expecting a ton of results? Rather than waiting for results to generate, in Ontrack Inview, Ontrack Advanceview, Verve EDA and Verve Review you can opt to run a search in the background while you do additional work in the application—granting you greater flexibility while the asynchronous search culls your data set.

To run a search in the background, use the Search Wizard by following these steps:

  1. On the Home tab, click Search to start a new search
  2. Specify your search criteria in the Query tab
    1. Enter a name for the search
    2. Determine whether you’re searching text, metadata, or both
    3. Enter your search terms in the Terms and Connectors section
  3. Select Run search in background to run an asynchronous search.
  4. Click Search to begin

You can continue working in the application once your search criteria is analyzed and the search is ready to begin. Once your search has been analyzed, it will appear under the Searches folder in the Document Reviewers pane. Once your asynchronous search begins running, you will be able to tell whether your search was complete by checking for one of two icons in front of the specified search folder:

While your search is running in the background, you will not be able to view results until the search is complete. To update the status of an “in progress” folder, simply right click it to refresh the status of your search folder.Once your search is completed, you will have full access to all results and reports on the search.

Next time you need to cull down data with a broad keyword search, consider running an asynchronous search to cut out the wait and maximize your efficiency.

For additional help, see your User Guide or contact your Case Manager at 1-800-347-6105.