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KLDiscovery’s offering of Relativity delivers the smart technologies you need to streamline your review.

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Predictive Coding

KLDiscovery Predictive Coding is an award-winning, patented technology that learns from both user decisions and random sampling to immediately and continuously prioritize important documents for review. Quality Control and Sampling monitors the effectiveness of document categorizations to arrive at the necessary confidence levels to ensure defensibility.

Native Spreadsheet Redaction

Allows reviewers to redact content from Excel files within the Relativity platform. Easily redact rows, columns, worksheets, formulas, cells and standard text redactions without the need to convert to TIFF images. Pristine copies of the original files are always maintained to preserve the integrity of your data.

A/V Suite

Winner of the 2016 Relativity Innovation Award for Best Service Provider Solution and People’s Choice, this tool simplifies the review of multimedia files. Visualize audio files and have total playback control. Easily redact and produce audio files (something no other review platforms can provide).


Automate the routing and distribution of documents to streamline document review and maximize accuracy and defensibility. Workflow eliminates the need to manually distribute batches of documents to reviewers and automatically validates that reviewer coding choices meet pre-defined criteria.


Protect sensitive information and streamline the redaction process with an automated approach. Instead of redacting documents by hand, automatically find and redact personally identifiable information (PII), privileged content and other sensitive information within the Relativity workspace.

PrivLog Builder®

Utilize an integrated suite of tools with advanced functionality to effectively build privilege logs. With automated privilege log features and name standardization, you save time and produce remarkable results.