Preserve it. Protect it.

A legal hold plan is essential to any information governance or eDiscovery strategy – recognizing when the duty to preserve begins, what it entails, how to implement it and when it ends.

Minimize data volumes and reduce costs.

KLDiscovery’s Legal Hold Management solution remedies these issues through comprehensive technology and defensible processes.

With a flexible software-as-a-service model, you can manage holds on your own through the technology or turn to us to simplify your entire legal hold workload.

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Be prepared.

Leverage our consultants for key personnel interviews, legal hold policy reviews and solution implementation.

Avoid spoliation.

Build questionnaires, track custodians and monitor status via summary reports.

Effectively manage holds.

Manage hold notifications, reminders and correspondence in one single database.

Automate hold processes.

Store one copy of data for overlapping holds and release inactive data automatically.

Prevent legal hold wildfires.

KLDiscovery has developed a legal hold preparedness guide.

From tips and case law to the FRCP amendments, this guide will help your organization establish or validate your legal hold plan.

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