Mar 15 2017

5 Mistakes In-House Counsel Make When Encountering Proportionality

Publication: Corporate Counsel
Author: Michele C.S. Lange
The world of ediscovery changed significantly in the past year. On Dec. 1, 2015, amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) affecting discovery took hold. At the heart of the amendments was a renewed effort to provide judges and lawyers with tools to help move the discovery process along and keep litigation costs in control.
Mar 1 2017

Ediscovery Trends to Watch in 2017

Publication: Today's General Counsel
Author: Michele C.S. Lange
With changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) in late 2015, and then a flood of judicial opinions in 2016, in mind, this article looks at five predictions for what in-house counsel can expect for ediscovery in 2017.
Dec 28 2016

How This Year's Experience With the New Rules Will Shape Next Year's eDiscovery

Publication: Bloomberg BNA
Author: Michele C.S. Lange
Kroll Ontrack examines four key areas of eDiscovery case law in 2016—proportionality, sanctions, predictive coding and costs—that were impacted by the 2015 amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and makes some eDiscovery predictions for 2017.
Nov 24 2016

Enterprises prepare for insider threats to data

Publication: China Daily
Author: Wu Yiyao
Kate Chan, regional managing director in Kroll Ontrack's Asia Pacific practice is interviewed on data privacy and state secrecy laws.
Oct 4 2016

Getting Behind the Ediscovery Wheel

Publication: Peer to Peer Magazine
Author: Sheldon Noel
In 2015, the State Bar of California Standing Committee on Professional Responsibility and Conduct issued opinion no. 2015-193 stressing the importance of competency when handling electronically stored information (ESI).
Oct 1 2016

Building a Better Play List with Technology-Assisted Document Review

Publication: Today's General Counsel
Author: Brett M. Anders & Rick Anderson
If an algorithm can understand our entertainment and purchasing preferences, think what it could do if it understood the work of a lawyer.
Apr 19 2016

Trends: Clients continue to drive the shape of eDiscovery as Kroll Ontrack eyes LatAm and China

Publication: Legal IT Insider
The demand for ediscovery services either onsite or in-country is a lot higher than it was even six months ago, according to senior management from Kroll Ontrack, which is currently looking at expansion into Latin America and China.
Mar 11 2016

Data Management 101: How to Stay Off This Year’s List of Corporate Data Breaches

Publication: Security Intelligence
Author: Pat Clawson
Thanks to the proliferation of data breaches around the world, CIOs, CISOs, IT managers, CEOs and boardroom executives face the arduous and complex task of safeguarding their organization’s proprietary information. Companies, however, tend to associate the threat of data loss with malicious actors or stolen property. This has become a critical blind spot. Companies should instead be focused on a more subtle but just as dangerous culprit: their own improper data management practices.