Why Predictive Coding Technology should be used

27 May 2015 by Adrienn Toth

I am celebrating the decision in Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Ltd & ors v Quinn & ors [2015] IEHC 175.  The use of this machine learning technology in discovery has been sanctioned in the US for some time. For the first time, a court closer to home has agreed to the validity of using this technology and the benefits being reaped from it.  The ruling addresses major concerns expressed about predictive coding and seeks to sway the sceptics. It unequivocally states that predictive coding will save time and money. The methodology underpinning the use of this technology has been declared sound, as has the benefits of using it.  This case is a landmark decision in Europe and the judgement tackles with ease the concerns often articulated about predictive Coding. It also provides a solid foundation for a protocol on the use of this kind of technology in the disclosure process and states with conviction that predictive coding will save time and money.

For a full analysis of the judgement and the implications please read the article I have written for the Litigation Futures website here: http://www.litigationfutures.com/features/predictive-coding-technology-validated-landmark-ruling