Which is the best location for document review?

20 November 2017 by Adrienn Toth

A recent report by A. T. Kearney analysing the global outsourcing market found that of the top 10 most popular countries, Poland was the only European country listed. The rest of the top ten were all located in Asia. This trend has also been present when it comes to legal process outsourcing, which has steadily been drifting eastwards. But in today's global world, how do you choose the right location for your review? Just as each document review project is unique, there are advantages and disadvantages to going further afield for your document review services.

Far eastern promises?

Document review providers in the Far East can offer attractive savings compared to those in Europe and America but scratch the surface and often there are issues which could make these locations a false economy. Common issues include:

  • Poor connectivity
  • Language and cultural barriers
  • A different approach to project management
  • Underqualified staff
  • Time-zone issues

Legal process outsourcing such as document review is different to other business functions (for example, customer services or software development). Clients using document review centres are working to strict deadlines and success relies on a combination of technology, project management and legal expertise. Often, the quality of service in far eastern locations might not meet these requirements.

Look further West... 

We recently opened a document review centre in Poland and clients have found it a useful resource for cases with cost conscious clients who still want a quality document review service conducted by EU qualified lawyers.  The feedback we have received has been very positive with clients commenting on:

  • Superior infrastructure
  • A more compatible time zone, especially for European clients
  • Superior English language skills
  • The availability of  European languages
  • EU data privacy compliance

Which is the right location for you?

Outsourcing abroad isn’t always the right option. Some clients prefer the convenience of being nearby or choose to keep data within their own country for privacy and security reasons. Our flagship London document review centre, as well as German document review centres offer high quality, in-country solutions for cases that benefit from a more local approach.

For more information on our Polish document review centre or our other review centres, please contact david.harris@krolldiscovery.com