Kroll Ontrack’s Journey to KLDiscovery

05 August 2018 by Adrienn Toth

What began as Ontrack Data Recovery rapidly became one of the largest eDiscovery providers globally, KLDiscovery, offering world class customer service and industry-leading applications in Europe for more than 22 years.

See where we came from and where we’re headed:

1985 – Ontrack is founded in the USA

1995 – Ontrack opens its first European location in the UK

1996 – Ontrack opens branch in Germany

2003 – Kroll Ontrack is created through the acquisition of Ontrack by Kroll

2005 – LDiscovery is founded in the USA

2006 – Kroll Ontrack acquires Ibas/Vogon Norwegian based data recovery

2006 – LDiscovery becomes first Relativity hosting partner

2013 – LDiscovery acquires AlphaLit

2014 – Kroll Ontrack opens German data center

2014 – LDiscovery acquires Turnstone Solutions and FlashData Solutions and merges with RenewData

2015 – LDiscovery acquires CopySecure and Credence

2015 – Kroll Ontrack opens French data centre

2016 – Kroll Ontrack opens Dutch office

2016 – Kroll Ontrack and LDiscovery become one global company as KrolLDiscovery

2017 – KrolLDiscovery opens data centre in Ireland

2018 – KrolLDiscovery rebranded to KLDiscovery

In the following months you’ll learn more about what makes KLDiscovery special and how you can benefit from our experience and offerings. Each step of the way we’ve migrated vast quantities of data from a variety of platforms and software systems to seamlessly integrate our operations. We’re confident we have the experience, talent, and passion to address our clients’ unique and complex data challenges.

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