Webinar: The Changing Face of Data Theft

21 February 2014 by Luke Aaron

This past week saw the long awaited, and therefore highly anticipated, final instalment of the Kroll Ontrack Autumn/Winter Webinar series, entitled “The Changing Face of Data Theft”.

If you a) didn’t manage to catch it or b) have always wondered what Dimbleby would sound like if he was Welsh, then fear not, for the recording can be found here…  Webinar Video

And just in case the pace of this action packed discussion is too much for you, here’s an overview of the headline topics that came up in the discussion. Synopsis

We were extremely fortunate to be joined by Dan Morrison of Grosvenor Law and E.J. Hilbert, Head of Cyber Investigations at Kroll Advisory Solutions, who both shared their vast experience of handling data loss incidents.

Dan stressed of the importance of having properly drafted (and signed) employment contracts. Ensuring that they are fit for the technology abundant in the modern workplace and ensuring that properly drafted post-termination covenants are both in place and enforceable.

E.J advises that the threats and technology being used is not new, but that organisations don’t fully understand the existing threats in the first place and that the biggest weakness in any company is the human. The curiosity to click on an obscure email from a friend or to simply click “yes” just to remove a pesky pop-up from their screen, remain significant threats to corporate data, and education is vital to ensure that your employees don’t put your data at risk.

And I…well I just did an introduction and asked a few questions (in addition to making many attendees weak at the knees with my “Dimblebyesque” moderation and dulcet Welsh tones).

All-in-all a well-attended and thoroughly engaging seminar and for that I must thank Dan and E.J.

Until next time…!