Spring Summit 2015: Focus on client services and a diversion along the Thames

06 May 2015 by Adrienn Toth

Every quarter, Kroll Ontrack in Europe runs an internal summit as a global company operating across different continents with distinct local markets, the summit provides us with an excellent opportunity to meet in person to share best practice and work collaboratively.

For our Spring Summit, we were honoured to welcome Cathleen Peterson (Senior Vice President of Consulting, Client Services & Operations) and John Loveland (Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer) from our Head Office in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Both John and Cathleen spent two busy days in London and participated in the various workshops hosted by our European teams. Cathleen also delivered a talk that proved to be one of the highlights of the summit, focusing the Client Experience initiative in the US.

We were also delighted to welcome speakers from large international law firms in Germany and the UK to talk to us about data privacy in emerging markets and the logistics of running complex document reviews.

Kroll Ontrack and Client Experience

Prior to joining Kroll Ontrack, Cathleen was Legal Director Discovery Analytics and Review Services for Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP, where she consulted with clients and case teams on technology and all aspects of ediscovery, led the development of the firm’s search analytics team and expanded discovery service offerings leveraging advanced technologies.

Having sat on the other side of table as a client and having worked with other providers, Cathleen has a unique perspective on the client experience, understanding both the needs of the client and the challenges and constraints faced by the provider.

Cathleen’s talk focused on a major initiative she began in the US to improve delivery of client services, discussing in detail the whole project, from initial customer satisfaction research to ascertain strengths and weaknesses to strategizing ways to bring about change to implementation.

The talk was extremely well-received by all those who attended and was particularly salient for those whose remit includes client services, who found Cathleen’s project especially inspirational.

What is clear is that ensuring our clients have a positive experience when using our services is the top priority for both our North American and International teams.

"The quarterly summits we run are a vital factor in achieving our overriding objective of providing the highest level of client service. The involvement of external speakers is the icing on the cake as it gives everyone in our business, not just the client facing personnel but also the “back office” team, the chance to hear first hand the business needs of our clients and the pressures they are under." - Andrew Szczech, Director of Legal Technology Services

Six Teams take on the Summit Scavenger Hunt

On the final day of the Summit, London basked in unseasonably warm weather, providing us with the perfect excuse to get outside and have some well-deserved fun. Thanks to the swift organisation and creativity of Jeff Shapiro, six teams signed up to complete a Thameside scavenger hunt. Each team was given a little cork mascot and had to take pictures of their critter at set points along their route to the evening venue. Pictured is Leon Major, proudly holding aloft his mascot against a spectacular London sunset.