On-Site eDiscovery Wherever You Need It With Nebula Portable

27 October 2020 by Adrienn Toth

Nebula Portable

NPC was developed to help solve the many data privacy and logistical complexities associated with internal investigations, white-collar crimes, global fraud investigations, and cross-border litigation.

Measuring roughly the size of a briefcase, Nebula Portable allows powerful processing, filtering and analysis without the need to transfer data outside the company or across borders.

Keep Security Paramount

NPC offers an elegant solution for highly sensitive matters, allowing data to remain behind an organisation’s firewall.

Portable & Compact

Small enough to carry on commercial flights, KLDiscovery’s on-site solution enables quick and flexible deployment. Our cutting-edge technology allows NPC to be deployed anywhere in the world – including your office.

Data Protection Compliance

Abide by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other data privacy laws with NPC.