Managed Review - Supply and Demand

28 November 2014 by Daniel Kavan

You will probably be aware by now that in response to client demand, Kroll Ontrack is expanding its managed document review service by opening a dedicated facility in central London. The construction of this facility at our European HQ is well underway and we are already providing managed review services from our existing offices.

In addition to building the physical facility, we are busy expanding our "book" of reviewers (if you can call an Access database a book). This step is just as important as building the facility because this is what enables us to bring the professionalism which clients expect from Kroll Ontrack to our document review practice. We are hiring the best, highly-qualified, experienced and multilingual document review lawyers in order to provide market-leading managed review services to our clients.

As part of getting to know the lawyers that have signed up to assist us on managed review projects, last week we hosted a "Meet & Greet" evening to train the lawyers on our technology (a key component of ensuring that reviews are carried out efficiently and cost-effectively for clients) and identify the best talent.

We have had great interest from professionals working in this industry in partnering with us and have a solid portfolio of professionals to choose from when assembling review teams for clients. However, I was surprised and impressed by the strong turnout we had on the evening and the eagerness of review lawyers to partner with Kroll Ontrack on such projects. In putting this service together, we have aimed to provide a professional and comfortable working environment for lawyers to encourage the best possible output, and I'm pleased with the feedback we've received, comforted by the fact we're well on our way to being the best of the best in this market.