Get to the top of the pile: making your document review CV stand out

03 October 2017 by MariaVictoria Yuste

 Friday, 3pm, London Document Review Centre

Great news - we have won a new document review project!  Everyone is excited.  To land this project we need to find 15 French-speaking, legally qualified document reviewers who are available to start 9am on Monday.  The clock is ticking… Job adverts go out and the CVs flood in …

Getting noticed is the first step to landing your next document review project

In the fast-paced world of document review, having a clear and structured CV is make or break when it comes to landing your next project. If a CV doesn’t contain or highlight the information we need, we move on onto the next because we simply don’t have the time. That’s why I want to help you to make your CV stand out so you don’t miss any more opportunities.

Having reviewed hundreds of doc review CV’s, here are the details we look out for (in order of importance):

1) Your qualification (are you legally qualified, and if so, in which jurisdiction?)

2)  Your language skills (specify your fluency)

3)  Your recent document review experience. For each past job, highlight the following:

  1. Recruiting Law Firm and/or Agency
  2. Date of engagement
  3. Type of project (discovery, internal investigation...)
  4. Area of law and sector
  5. Language
  6. Review platform
  7. Any specifics (privilege, redaction, data extraction)

The above may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many people omit these basic details. Follow this guidance and don’t miss out on another document review job opportunity!

If you’d like to hear more about our latest document review opportunities, please register your interest and (your newly improved CV!) at