14 February 2014 by Daniel Kavan

LEGALTECH New York is internationally regarded as the biggest legal technology event of the calendar year.

Ben Fielding and I flew over to New York for the event to represent the European Kroll Ontrack business, and to support our American colleagues who were launching at the event. Delegates were very interested in demonstrations of Kroll Ontrack’s new review platform Review and its sister platform for ediscovery portfolio management, Manage.

Predictive coding was a strong theme this year and a significant portion of the educational presentations focused on making the most of the technology. It is clear that in America, predictive coding is a generally accepted and widely-available process for handling ediscovery projects, much more than it is in Europe.

American lawyers and corporate ediscovery experts were also interested to hear about approaches to ediscovery and data protection in Europe, as they often face challenges when handling data from European custodians. To help summarise what Kroll Ontrack can do to assist such clients in Europe (such as deploying our Onsite solution), we handed out these reference cards, which were very popular!

LegalTech 2014

Check out our parallel American blog for a day-by-day summary of the LEGALTECH by Michelle Lange.

My colleague Ben Fielding will be adding his comments from the event shortly.