KrolLDiscovery Summer Party: Ornament, Armament, Merriment!

12 July 2017 by Adrienn Toth

We hold many events all around the world; some are small seminars, others are panel discussions featuring prestigious speakers and many are practical workshops. But sometimes, we just want to have fun and thank our clients for working with us.

This year, we threw our biggest summer party yet; at the Tower of London. Led by the famous Yeoman Warders, our guests were given a private viewing of the Crown Jewels before enjoying champagne and canapes in and around the famous White Tower.

By day, the Tower is a busy place, thronging with tourists and tour guides. Amongst the commotion it can be hard to appreciate on the hundreds of years of history. But by night when the crowds have dissolved and the sun sets, it truly is magical.

You can check out some of the photographs from the night here: