Comprehensive Information Governance with Nebula Big Data Store

06 August 2020 by Adrienn Toth


KLDiscovery has developed a suite of proprietary solutions to solve complex data challenges, offering a true end-to-end experience for our clients. Starting with good data management, the Nebula Big Data Store next-generation archiving solution is designed to address modern enterprise data management needs at scale.

Limit Information Risk

The unrelenting growth of data has placed a heavy burden on corporations to understand what data they have and the risk it presents. Nebula Big Data Store empowers the enterprise to manage information assets throughout their lifecycle, including defensibly disposing of them when they are no longer needed, thereby limiting exposure to data breach, litigation, and regulatory compliance risk.

Decrease Operational Risk

In a complex threat environment that includes heavy reliance on third-party SaaS and cloud solutions, organisations need secure back-ups of their data to ensure business continuity, while keeping data accessible for legal compliance. Nebula Big Data Store can automate back-ups from on-premises and cloud sources, such as Microsoft 365, Slack, Azure, AWS, and more. As part of the Nebula™ ecosystem, data in Nebula Big Data Store is defensibly preserved and instantly available to respond to legal inquiries.

Manage Operational Costs

As compared to traditional archiving solutions and incomplete or limited eDiscovery point solutions, Nebula Big Data Store offers substantial opportunities to reduce storage footprint, limit licensing and maintenance, reclaim lost opportunity costs, and manage eDiscovery spend.

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